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Update On COPCO #2 Deconstruction

Source: Yurok FB Page

Construction crews continue to make progress on the deconstruction of Copco No. 2. The smallest of the four Klamath Hydroelectric dams slated for removal. Copco No. 2 is being removed to clear the way for Copco No. 1’s drawdown coming this January. While crews are working fast, the complete deconstruction of Copco No. 2 and its infrastructure won’t be completed until September.

Source: Yurok FB Page

When these photos were taken earlier this week, the Yurok Tribe Construction Corporation crew was working just downstream in an area known as Wards Canyon, where they are preparing this historic segment of the river to receive flows again.

The Yurok Tribal Council has authorized the creation and certification of the new Yurok Tribe Construction Corporation, a Yurok Tribe wholly owned enterprise. This Corporation is a for-profit construction business enterprise and will manage and conduct construction projects both on and off the Yurok Reservation.

Information and photographs sourced from Yurok Facebook Page

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  1. Who is the contractor for demolishing the dams? Was there a competitive bid process? Was it made public? How did they afford a massive bond requirement? If they fulfilled the massive bond requirement, did they have the necessary experience (years, and similar projects) to qualify for the bid? I’m a civil engineer, and familiar with the bidding process. Interesting to see what Siskiyou News can dig up. Public records, so, it should be easy to find.

  2. Thanks a lot for the blog post. Keep writing.

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