Is Social Programming Shutting Down America


“Americans are self-censoring at rates higher than they were during the McCarthy era in the United States,” Bernstein explained during an appearance on EpochTV

A Jewish institute is sounding the alarm over a disturbing trend.

Their new study just revealed that social programming is fundamentally changing the world we live in.

And it’s practically shutting down America.

Cancel culture is completely out of control.

Now the CEO of the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values is warning that free speech is becoming a relic of the past as more Americans are now self-censoring more than ever before.

David Bernstein says Americans are quickly becoming tongue tied as they fear being ostracized over not supporting the woke equity-obsessed “social justice” movement.

Americans’ self-censorship wasn’t this bad in the McCarthy era

“Americans are self-censoring at rates higher than they were during the McCarthy era in the United States,” Bernstein explained during an appearance on EpochTV.

A Cato Institute study found that a stunning 62% of Americans are afraid to share their political views.

No surprise, the situation is even worse on college campuses.

A survey commissioned by The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and RealClearEducation found 80% of college students self-censor at least part of the time.

The core of the problem is an aggressive leftist agenda pushing the idea that all white people are oppressors and everyone else a victim by default.

“When woke ideology started encroaching in Jewish life, it was a shock, because that to me was deeply un-Jewish, that you were now imposing a set of views on how right-thinking people should think,” Bernstein told the Epoch Times.

“A fundamental tenet of this ideology claims that racism equals prejudice plus power, which did not make sense to Bernstein, and he wondered, ‘does that mean that a group that’s considered part of the power structure, like Jews, are not capable of being victims? Does that mean that marginalized groups can’t be victimizers?’” the paper added.

Obviously, any group of people can be attacked by any other group that gains enough power and lacks integrity.

And with the political Left working to splinter racial ideological groups and turn them into bitter enemies the chances of violent clashes are constantly increasing.

And Bernstein has a theory as to why this woke ideology is rapidly taking over every facet of modern life.

“That’s because none of us wanted to quote-unquote ‘wrestle with a pig,’ we just let it go and gain more and more cultural power to the point now where we can’t even have proper discussions with each other,” Bernstein explained.

But with a mere 20% of college students still willing to speak their minds—and we can guess where many of them are on the political spectrum—the time to “wrestle with a pig” is obviously here.

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