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Castle Rock School Harvest Festival on Halloween

By Shareen Strauss & Photos By Shareen Strauss

Castle Rock Elementary School in Castella held its Harvest Festival on Halloween.

Costumed children, parents, staff, and volunteers from the Lakehead Lions Club joined in the afternoon of fun and games in the cafeteria where many games and spooky decorations made for a festive festival.

The activities included a cake walk, monster ball, a spooky corn hole toss, a balance beam marshmallow walk to test kids' balance skills, golfing, scary fishing, trick-or-treat spin, and a crazy donut dangle game. There were many prizes and goodies including a popcorn monster-hands giveaway.

On Thursday, the Castle Rock students were bussed to the pumpkin patch in Grenada, and on Friday, they all got to go Trick-or-Treating in Dunsmuir.

After some class time and then a healthy lunch of pulled pork sandwiches, all the classes got the chance to intermingle with each other over games and share in the Halloween fun.

In the past, this has been an evening event,

but since the many recent changes in the school,

this was planned at the last minute but it was a grand success.

8th grader, Mathew Adair, dressed as a dinosaur said, "It was awesome and fun. The best for me was the cupcake walk. I liked that everyone was together. I think it is important to socialize and be with our friends."

School events where all the classes participate together

have not happened in the past two years due to the pandemic.

An aide dressed as a scarecrow said, "It's a fun and safe, free activity for our kids. Hopefully, next year we will do this for our families and friends to participate in also. During the pandemic, we just had individual classroom activities. The kids missed out on so much over the last 2 years."

3rd grader, Orion Riddles said, "The marshmallow game was so cool. I got lots of candy. It is fun to have a change from the classroom."

The most liked costume at the school was a big blowup chicken worn by Logan Hernandez. He said, "It was fun to play all the games. I got a pocket full of candy. I liked the Basketball game the best."

Kindergartener Lucy Mori said, "Everyone had the best costume, but I liked Adaline Myers' costume the most. She was an alien from Zombi 3."

Second and third-grade teacher, Matt Hirsch, said, " Lesson learned: It doesn't take much sugar, it goes a long way with little kids."

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