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Voting for Mt. Shasta Elementary and Siskiyou County High School Boards

By Lori Harch

Many folks are confused about exactly how school boards are constructed and which candidates they can vote for, based on where they live. Below is an explanation that I hope will be helpful. Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name.

If you live in Mt. Shasta, Happy Camp, Weed, or McCloud, this information is for you.


Mt. Shasta Union School District (MSUSD) has 5 board members. Its district covers grades TK (transitional Kindergarten) through 8th grade. The district consists of Mt. Shasta Elementary (TK – grade 3) and Sisson Elementary (grades 4-8). This year, there are 3 board positions open and 4 candidates. Those candidates are John Duncan, Jessma Evans, Mona Gutierrez, and Nancy Swift. Voters get 3 votes. You may vote for this board if you live within the Mt. Shasta area, not just within the city limits.

Siskiyou Union High School District (SUHSD) consists of 4 different high schools: Happy Camp, McCloud, Weed, and Mt. Shasta. There are 7 board members, 1 from Happy Camp, 1 from McCloud, 2 from Weed, and 3 from Mt. Shasta. This year there is a position open at McCloud, but since only one person (Shelley Cain) filed for candidacy, there will be no election for that spot. It will not appear on the ballot. Shelley Cain will be appointed in December 2022.

There is one position open in Weed for the SUHSD Board. Two people (Kevin Charter and Carrie Williams) are running for that position. Voters get 1 vote.

For Mt. Shasta, there are two openings and four candidates (Paul Chapman, Kristen DeBortoli-Riccomini, Scott Dolf, and Mindy Hamann). A fifth candidate (Matthew Hilliard) may appear on the ballot. He has stated on social media that he is not campaigning and that he tried to withdraw from the race but was unable to do so. Voters get 2 votes.

Please note! Voters throughout the high school district get to vote for every area for the high school board. It doesn’t matter if you live in Happy Camp, McCloud, Weed, or Mt. Shasta, you get to vote for high school candidates representing both Weed and Mt. Shasta.

There may be other school board elections that appear on your ballot, but voters will have to check their voters’ ballot (or the county clerk’s office) for information on those elections. I am not informed about the details of those elections.

Thank you, and please vote.

Lori Harch

Current Member of the Board of Trustees, SUHSD (term ending December 2022)

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