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Shasta Valley Cemetery District Community Public Awareness

Our 8 cemeteries are Evergreen, the Catholic Cemetery, Airport Cemetery and City Cemetery, Edgewood Cemetery, Gazelle Cemetery, Shasta Valley Cemetery, and Foulks Cemetery


Dear Shasta Valley Cemetery District Community. These last few years have been trying for all of us. Our staff of two persons for eight cemeteries has worked hard to be available for all families who have lost loved ones, while trying to remain safe themselves and follow the guidelines set forth by the Governor and our County Public Health.

A few reminders about the cemeteries: The last several years have been a financial struggle for public cemeteries in rural counties. There has been a change from full burials to cremations, with ashes remaining at home or scattered elsewhere. We are seeing more families with family burial rights leave the area or, in the case of older plots, there is just no family members left, leaving no one to provide maintenance. This presents a problem, as it is not the cemetery’s job to maintain plots once the burial rights have been purchased. The District is not responsible for the care and maintenance of any plot improvements, i.e. headstones, markers, curbing, capping, landscaping, etc., or anything of a movable character that may be lost, stolen or misplaced. Nor is the District responsible for damage to graves or plot improvements by animals or acts of nature. Our job is to maintain the “common” areas, roads, etc. In the past, we have tried hard to keep graves as clean as possible stretching our Grounds’ Manager to beyond his limit, but it has become impossible with the limited staff that the cemetery can afford and the lack of maintenance by the majority of the purchasers of burial rights.

For the above reasons, we have reinstituted our policy that “no person shall place on any grave any statutes, toys, boxes, gloves, shells, cans, jugs, bottles, lights of any description or any other unauthorized object without permission of Staff. Unauthorized breakable containers will be removed and disposed of by Staff.

Our flower policy has been changed to read: Fresh flowers may be placed at the heads of the grave all year long in unbreakable approved containers. (No glass or ceramic may be used.) Artificial flowers may be used between the months of April 30 through October 1. Due to our winter winds, artificial flowers tend to blow apart leaving a wire stem that is dangerous to lawn mowing and weed eating. The wires also pose a threat to wildlife that can put their eyes out when grazing. Fresh flowers and artificial flowers will be removed as they fade or become unsightly. United States flags may be used as part of the floral arrangement.

Exceptions for Holidays are that decorations may be used for 10 days before the holiday to 10 days after the holiday, at which time they must be removed.

Please use appropriate decorations that will not break, be eaten by the wildlife, or blown around the cemetery. Balloons are not allowed. Animals eat rubber and can become very ill if not suffocate. We respectfully request that toward the end of September, plot and individual burial rights owners take the time to prepare graves for winter by removing all the above mentioned. Garbage containers will be provided at the cemeteries.

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