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The Rice Brothers on Saturday, October 8, 2022, 7:30 PM

John and Chris, are both accomplished artists as pianists and as cellists

The Red Scarf Society for the Performing Arts is pleased to present a musical performance featuring The Rice Brothers on Saturday, October 8, 2022, 7:30 PM at St. Marks Preservation Square, 304 Lane Street, Yreka. Come join us for what promises to be a wonderful evening.

John and Chris, are both accomplished artists as pianists and as cellists. They feature a unique blend of classical music, gospel, ragtime and boogie-woogie, along with a historical perspective of the great composers and the times in which they lived. Their interactive approach to performing is entertaining, and makes the music accessible and relevant to modern-day audiences. Their performances have been well received by audiences of all ages across the United States, from Carnegie Hall to Disneyland, and also in Europe.

When The Rice Brothers walk out onto the stage, the audience meets two delightful fellows who are casual and friendly. When the music begins, the audience also begins a musical journey with two consummate artists who reach deep into the hearts and souls of their listeners.

Where did it all start? When did their parents first realize that John and Chris had a love for music? It was during a trip from their hometown of Phoenix, Arizona to Disneyland that three-year-old Johnny was mesmerized by a pianist who was playing Ragtime and BoogieWoogie on Main Street. When asked by his Dad if he wanted to learn to play the piano, Johnny responded with a heartfelt “YES!” Lessons started at age four and soon it was apparent that this young boy had a real gift for music. Little brother Chris, not wanting to be left out, started piano lessons at the age of two! Before long, they both began learning cello. Soon, the young Rice brothers were being invited to play music at family gatherings, church events, schools and retirement communities. They loved learning the music of the masters—Beethoven, Bach, Liszt— and because of their pride in their Polish heritage, especially Chopin. But that Ragtime from the hands of their very first mentor, Disneyland’s Johnny Hodges, stuck with them. Because of that early encounter, The Rice Brothers have always loved sharing the full spectrum of great music with their audiences.

Full of energy and commitment, armed with the finest training imaginable, and winners each of gold medals in an international Chopin competition, The Rice Brothers emerged onto the world stage as inspiring artists. They were invited to perform their debut concert in New York City’s Carnegie Hall, where their performance thrilled the audience amid multiple standing ovations. They have been enthusiastically received by audiences of all ages and walks of life in venues throughout America and in Europe in large performing arts centers and churches, as well as in house concerts and in classrooms settings.

Ticket prices are Adults $30.00 advance sales; $35 at the door and Students $5.00

Tickets are available in Yreka at Liberty Arts, and Nature's Kitchen.

They are also available at Soul Connections in Mt. Shasta

  • Concert sponsors: Law Offices Of Martin Andreas; David and Su Franklin

  • Season sponsors: David Bacon in Memory of Cathy Bacon; Nancy Bacon in Memory of Cathy Bacon; Dr. David Graham Family Foundation; David and Marsha Chambers; June Girdner in Memory of Daniel Girdner; Martha Tickle in Memory of Ron Tickle; Mechanics Bank; Pacific Power Foundation; and US Bank Foundation .

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