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Scott Valley Fire Protection District Is A Recipient Of A CalFire Foundation Grant

In the midst of the tragedy, loss, heartbreak, and devastation of the recent McKinney, Callahan, and Mountain fires in Scott Valley Fire Protection’s District, a spark of good news arrived in the mail this week.

Cal Fire Foundation awarded a $12,000 grant to the department to purchase much needed wildfire suppression equipment.

With acknowledgement and much appreciation, Scott Valley Fire Protection District thanks CalFire Foundation for their generosity and support of fire departments throughout California.

Above Photo's Provided By SVFPD

Photo by Siskiyou.News Publisher.

Setting moon over the #mountainfire

Tony & Pat SVFPD

Praying this is the last fire of the season, I got to see a lot of hard work and determination on the part of Scott Valley fire fighters. Wether up at the Siskiyou Crest protecting the Botanical Area or down on the Klamath River relaying water to CalFire or KNF pumper trucks.

The photo from above was when I ran across Tony and Pat at the meadows protecting an area called the Mountain House where the old corrals are at the top of Gazelle Callahan Summit.

Photo By, Siskiyou.News Publisher Jay A. Martin #MountainFire

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