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College of the Siskiyous Releases 2022 Spring Honor’s List & Registration Opens for Fall Semester

College of the Siskiyous Releases 2022 Spring Semester Honor’s List

Weed / COS – College of the Siskiyous has released the 2022 spring semester honor’s list for academic excellence. The lists are comprised of the President's List, which requires a full-time registered student to achieve a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.75 to 4.00, and the Dean's List, requiring a GPA of 3.50 to 3.74 (also full-time registered).

The names of the students and their hometowns are listed below: (Only students who have given permission to release names for publication are listed.)

Dean’s List 3.5 to 3.74

Cave Junction, OR Alaurah R Tallman Cordoba, Argentina Juan A Santana Etna, CA Travis D Chesnick Eugene, OR Elijah N Grover Fort Jones, CA Hope M Marshall Haylee N Menne Grants Pass, OR Cade G Ealy Greenville, CA Alexis M Goodson Hollister, CA Kara L Quattrin Klamath Falls, OR Kieley M Girtman McCloud, CA William J Hesselgren Meridian, ID Breanne N Cox Montague, CA Evelyn Moroyoqui Vasquez Stevie R Payne Mount Shasta, CA Kody M Bauman Andrew S Pine Redding, CA William A Dobson Reno, NV Bianca M Quintana Veneta, OR Gavin D Parker

Weed, CA Amanda R Bradshaw Abigail M Railey Dean Z Wellik Christopher F Ramirez

President’s List 3.75 to 4.0

Alturas, CA Alicia F Chavez Matthew D Crowder Keith R Nelson Boise, ID Hannah M Stone Chico, CA William M Murphy Citrus Hts, CA Michael Santos Cottonwood, CA Amber D Bryning Crescent City, CA Michael A Weiland Dorris, CA Lindsey L Barbosa Melissa R Martinez Dublin, CA Jasmine Chung Dunsmuir, CA Ireland E Cross Satnam S Kostendenous Audrey A Zook Esparto, CA James P Schwenger Etna, CA Garrett E Benson Eugene, OR Callan J Vreim Fort Jones, CA Halliday N Hubbard Katie A Coelho-Herrera Gazelle, CA Samantha A Wilson Grenada, CA Breanne A Hands Trevor L Truttman Happy Camp, CA Jessica L Miller Michelle K Spence Amber N West Brionna C Wiman Hornbrook, CA Geana M Hughes Igo, CA Chase R Reynolds Kelseyville, CA David J Drew Kingman, AZ Coleton Padilla Klamath Falls, OR Christian Adam Craig A Eastlick Debra E Moe Lake Havasu City, AZ Bryce L Jaramillo Las Vegas, NV Mason L Bowden Loxton, SA Zane H Lueth McCloud, CA Travis C Blumel Krystal N King Medford, OR Jazmyne J Wells Montague, CA Anastasia N Skinner Archer R Strelow Justin M Arno-Jole Mount Shasta, CA Casey R Day Jeanne S Dillon Veronica M Foster David W Linden Derek J Montoya Armando Vila Jon M Peters Jacob P Gerhardt Novato, CA True L Kraemer Oklahoma City, OK Andrew M Chambers Orlando, FL Jaylee J Edwards Oroville, CA Marie Lipscomb Portland, OR Hunter A Davis Red Bluff, CA David G Horstman Redding, CA Jacob C Martinez Nastascia Zwaga Aidan E Hathaway Marcus L Wallen Salta, Paocco Ignacio M Patocco San Jose, CA Kameron R Saucedo San Rafael, CA Levi N Woodall San Ramon, CA Tyson J Balleza Scott Bar, CA Zachary P Horvath Shasta Lake, CA Emilee M Ake Spring Valley, CA Felicia E Feigum Kenneth M Dailey Cole R Stewart Talent, OR Braeden A Watts Ukiah, CA Alexander A Byers Nicki L Taylor Vale, OR Alexys L Rodgers Weed, CA Andrew I Alves Elyse Benson Kelcie L Cervelli Grace M Crawford Joy L Debortoli Logan M Findlay Blanca C Garcia Terrell O McGraw Zoe D Mendez Nickolas B Phillips Maria L Poindexter Bradley S Reed Allison Simmerman Brandon S Spackey D'Angelo O Stewart Kayana L Woodard Chelsea M OConnor Luke J Bishop Eva Versloot Oto Wada Weston, OR Nevin J Malchow Woodland, CA Blake D Hutchison Rudolph P Mendoza Woonsocket, RI Brandon L Brunelle Yreka, CA Caleb S Ayers Dominic A Castro Kara N Collier Emily T Filaccio M'Chae S Hollowell Grace Jones Emily A Medlin Manuel Rambonga


Registration Open for Fall Semester Career & Technical Education Classes at Siskiyous

Weed / COS – You have goals. Big goals. Maybe you want a better job, financial security, or a better life for you and your family. Things may seem uncertain right now. But your future is not on hold and we’re here to help. Now is the time to make the future yours! Enroll today for the fall semester at College of the Siskiyous. We are offering face-to-face, remote and ‘all’ online classes this fall semester. Early registration is recommended to get the classes you need and want.

Registration is currently open for fall semester Career and Technical Education classes at College of the Siskiyous. Fall semester classes begin August 22nd. Contact the CTE Office for information by calling (530) 938-5512 or view the CTE website at CTE classes are offered in person and online.


  • Legal Aspects of Evidence (ADJ 1503 / CRN#7550) – This course examines categories of evidence and legal rules governing its admission and exclusion in the criminal process.

  • Concepts of Criminal Law (ADJ 2002 / CRN#7171) – This course offers an analysis of the doctrines of criminal liability in the United States and the classification of crimes against persons, property, morals, and public welfare. Special emphasis is placed on the classification of crime, the general elements of crime, the definitions of common and statutory law, and the nature of acceptable evidence. This course utilizes case law and case studies to introduce students to criminal law.

  • Criminal Court Process (ADJ 2526 / CRN#7172) – This course provides an examination and analysis of due process in criminal proceedings from pre-arrest through trial and appeal utilizing statutory law and state and constitutional law precedents.

  • Criminology (ADJ 2528 / CRN#7523) – This course explores crime, criminals and the social context of crime by examining the theoretical explanations for criminal behavior. Emphasis is placed on crime causation and the influence of social structure, process, and conflict as they relate to criminal behavior.

  • Business Communications (BA 1004 / CRN#7539) – This course applies the principles of ethical and effective communication to the creation of letters, memos, emails, and written and oral reports for a variety of business situations. The course emphasizes planning, organizing, composing, and revising business documents using word processing software for written documents and presentation-graphics software to create and deliver professional-level oral reports.

  • Managerial Accounting (BA 1501 / CRN#7522) – The study of how managers use accounting information in decision-making, planning, directing operations and controlling. It focuses on cost terms and concepts, cost behavior, cost structure and cost-volume-profit analysis. It includes issues related to cost systems, cost control, profit planning, and performance analysis in manufacturing and service environments.

  • Programming I (CSCI 1007 / CRN#7157) – This course develops computer programming skills in an object-oriented language. Topics covered include: algorithm development, variables, modular programming, object oriented programming, control structures, and the use and modification of classes and their objects.


  • Introduction to Computer Aided Design (MFG 1010 / CRN#7540) – Orthographic projection, dimensioning, tolerancing, working drawings, free-hand sketches, and industry drawing standards are introduced. Student use 3D models and assemblies at an introductory level. Emphasis on third angle projection and proper drawing format.

  • Introduction to CNC Machining (MFG 1130 / CRN#7541) – Manual CNC programming is introduced using standard G-code format. Introduction to Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software. Use of CAM software to develop CNC Programs designed to operate CNC Machine tools. Measuring tools such as micrometers, calipers, and height gages are introduced. Part setup, work coordinate offsets, tool length offsets, and program simulation are introduced. Emphasis on 2 and 2.5 axis milling.


  • Power Plant and Field Pipe Welding I (WELD 0957 / CRN#7202) – This is an advanced course designed to prepare students in power plant and field welding. This course includes shop safety, oxy-fuel cutting, air carbon arc cutting, shielded metal arc welding, and pipe welding.

  • Beginning Welding (WELD 1101 / CRN# 7196) – This is a beginning welding course designed for the student interested in acquiring basic welding skills to be used in trade or service occupation. Emphasis is placed on the main structural joint designs using SMAW in all positions. Power sources, electrode identification, joint designs and techniques. Oxy-fuel cutting processes and techniques are covered as well.

  • Advanced Welding (WELD 1102 / CRN#7197) – This is an advanced welding course designed for the student interested in acquiring the essential welding skills necessary to function in a trade or service occupation. Emphasis is placed on oxy-fuel / plasma cutting and arc welding in the vertical and overhead position.

  • Metal Fabrication (WELD 1103 / CRN#7204) – This is a beginning metal fabrication course designed for the student interested in acquiring basic fabrication skills to be used in trade or service occupations. Emphasis is placed on metal fabrication and iron working equipment.

  • Welding Qualification (WELD 2101 / CRN#7201) – This course is designed for the student seeking employment as a qualified production welder. The student can qualify in plate to the appropriate code in the F.C.A.W., G.M.A.W., G.T.A.W., and S.M.A.W. processes.

For class registration information, call the Enrollment Services Office at (530) 938-5500. The Weed Campus can also be reached by calling (530) 938-5555 or toll-free, (888) 397-4339. Register in person at the Weed Campus or register online (anytime) at


COS Board of Trustees Meeting – July 19, 2022

Weed / COS – Each year, semi-annual Professional Growth Awards (PGA) are presented to COS employees who are continuing their education to further advance their educational goals. The goals of the PGA program are intended to improve job-related skills, provide an atmosphere of growth and vitality, and encourage ongoing participation in formal education and training. Four employees received a Professional Growth Award in June. The employees who received a Professional Growth Awards are David Fleet, Bethany Golly, Beverly Muelrath, and Michael Reetz.

Annually before August 1, the Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan is reviewed, revised, and submitted to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. The plan documents the District's Capital Construction Plans for the coming years. It also lists the District's projected Weekly Student Contact Hours (WSCH); Capacity Load Ratios for lecture and laboratories; and Load Distribution and Staff Forecast. The submission of a complete and accurate plan is an important tool used by the Chancellor’s Office to advocate for Capital Outlay funding in the State Legislature. The plan's key objectives have changed from last year and still include the Theater Arts Building Remodel/Addition project which remains the District's first priority. As of March 2022, modernization of the Theatre-Arts Building, to be renamed Theatre Arts & McCloud Hall Reconstruction, has been approved for 100% state funding in the amount of $30,320,000 for the fiscal years of 2020-2023. The College’s newly second priority, is an approved and funded in the 2021-2022 State Budget, 252-bed Student Housing Building Grant. Trustees approved the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan for 2024-2028.

Other Significant Board Action:

  • Approved contract with Stan McKnight & Associates, Inc for Compensation and Classification Study The process will take approximately nine months and final recommendations are expected to be presented to the Board of Trustees in March 2023.

  • Approved 21-22 EEO Multiple Method Allocation Certification Form. Each fiscal year, the CCC Chancellor's Office requires all community colleges complete a Multiple Method Allocation Certification Form and provide evidence of compliance in order to receive funding for EEO programs and to receive continued funding to support efforts to provide an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment for our students, staff and faculty.

  • Approved ALMA Strategies contract addendum.

  • Approved Resolution 2022-2023-01 Designation of Official Representatives to the Northern California Community College Self-Insurance Authority JPA Board of Directors.

  • Approved Resolution 2022-2023-02 Designation of Official Representatives to the Community College Insurance Group JPA Board of Directors.

  • Approved Resolution 2022-23-03 Approving Authorized Representatives of the District for the Purpose of Signing and Receiving Correspondence with the Siskiyou Adult Education Consortium.

  • Approved Resolution 2022-2023-04 in the Matter of the Reduction of Classified Services.

  • Approved 2022-2023 Superintendent/President & Board of Trustee Goals. For Academic Year 2022-2023, the Superintendent President and Board of Trustees have decided to combine goals into one succinct document. California Community Colleges are moving towards combining CEO and Trustee Goals to ensure priorities are aligned and to improve the overall CEO/Trustee evaluation process.

The next regular COS Board of Trustees meeting will be held August 16 at the Weed Campus in the Board Room. A study session will begin at 4:00 p.m. followed by closed session at 5 p.m. The public open session will begin at 6 p.m.

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