California Keeps Adding More Jobs

Though Democratic officials, including Gov. Newsom, are quick to tout the state’s employment rate and job growth, most of those gains are propped up by public-sector jobs — supported by public money. 

According to new state and federal employment data, California’s fast food industry has added jobs every month this year, including roughly 10,600 new jobs in the two months since Governor Gavin Newsom signed the fast food minimum wage bill into law.

Below is a breakdown of the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which shows that the state has added roughly 20,700 fast food jobs since the beginning of this year and each month had more jobs than at this time last year:

  • January 2024: 724,900
    • January 2023: 715,000
  • February 2024: 732,700
    • February 2023: 725,100
  • March 2024: 735,000
    • March 2023: 730,900
  • April 2024: 739,500
    • April 2023: 734,400
  • May 2024: 745,600
    • May 2023: 742,600

“We built this economy by valuing the dignity of work, cherishing family time, and honoring labor unions. You shouldn’t have to be a CEO to live a decent life – and in California, you don’t have to be.

Governor Gavin Newsom

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