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Local Attorney Sues County for Bad Faith Hiring Practices

Below, you will find a concise summary of the case’s major facts and issues, and copy of the filed civil complaint.Go to for the documentation

  • On April 9, 2024, local attorney Casey G. Lowe was offered an attorney position with the County of Siskiyou, and accepted that offer the next day.
  • The employment offer’s sole condition was successful completion of a background check. 
  • However, the County Counsel’s Office attempted to rescind that job offer on May 2, 2024, claiming they were unable to verify Mr. Lowe’s employment history.
  • Mr. Lowe promptly reached out to a former employer, who responded that he had “not received anything” from Siskiyou County regarding Mr. Lowe’s employment verification.
  • Thus, Mr. Lowe reasonably concluded that County Counsel Reed and her office failed to conduct their background check in good faith, and attempted to rescind Mr. Lowe’s employment offer in bad faith.
  • As a result of County Counsel Reed’s bad faith hiring practices, the County Counsel’s Office remains understaffed to the public’s detriment. 


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