California Senate Republicans respond to Governor Newsom’s State of the State social media post

Senator Brian Dahle at today’s media scrum reacting
 to the governor’s State of the State social media video.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Nearly 100 days after promising an in-person State of the State speech, Governor Newsom finally released a social media video focused on claiming victory for failures and sowing partisan division. Highlighting his self-proclaimed successes and pointing the finger at “Republicans in Congress” and “right-wing media” for the ills of the state, Governor Newsom made little effort to outline a plan for the future. Joining Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) to provide the Assembly Republican reaction was Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (R-Yuba City). Click HERE to hear more from Senator Dahle.

“Newsom saying that ‘California is a state that gives a damn’ to then not even have the decency and respect to deliver the State of the State to the Legislature reeks of hypocrisy,” said Senator Dahle. “Despite the governor’s claims, the real state of the state is that California is a hot mess under his failed leadership and we know this because of the massive budget hole. This governor has been wholly uninterested in the results of all the money he has squandered, and has fixated on focusing on Texas and Florida. Look, we have a leader who is more focused on fixing his hair than the real issues in our state, it’s no wonder businesses and Californians are leaving.”

“Newsom’s address pointed toward his self-proclaimed successes at the border, on fentanyl, on crime and on homelessness – all areas that remain of high concern for everyday Californians and that have WORSENED on his watch,” concluded Senator Dahle.

California Senate Republicans highlight a list of Governor Newsom’s other ‘victories’:  

  • The Newsom Administration has spent $24 billion at homelessness, yet the state has the largest homeless population in the nation with over 50% of the nation’s homeless. 
  • Californians are 36% more likely to become victims of violent crime than the U.S. average and 45% more likely to fall victim to property crime.
  • Homeownership is twice as expensive in California than elsewhere in the country.
  • Gas prices are consistently the most expensive in the contiguous U.S.
  • Rents in California are on average $700 higher than the national average.
  • Over 50% of students in California are failing to read or write English at a basic level.
  • Over 65% of students in this state are failing to meet basic standards for math, and nearly 70% are failing standards for science. 

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