OPEN LETTER: The New Tyranny – Violation of the HATCH ACT “Agency Fiefdoms Influencing Public Opinion & Policy In Favor of Political Party Objectives”

TO: The Honorable Congressman Doug LaMalfa
CC: Concerned Citizens
RE:  Violation of the Hatch Act By USFS PIO Employee (Basho Parks)
VIA EMAIL ONLY – June 23, 2024 – OPEN LETTER TO THE PUBLIC                                                             (may be re-distributed/published)

Dear Congressman LaMalfa:

I write to you not in my own self interest, but in the interest of my community, County and American rights and liberty.

The things we hold dear as Americans are arguably under assault by individual non-elected administrative employees of the U.S. Government, some of who are clearly politically aligned (operatives) and are using their official credentials, positions, platforms and social media to influence public opinion and favoring resource management pursuant to the whims of Democratic political party.  

This is arguably a violation of the Hatch Act. And this must end!

I would argue that Mr. Basho Parks is one such government employee at the USFS, who is using multiple social media platforms to influence the people of Siskiyou County, CA, as well as other nearby areas, more about Mr. Parks below.

On Friday June 21st, 2024, a CALFIRE S-70i helo was flying down the Klamath River (Iron Gate Dam lakebed) and hovering over potential drafting locations conducting what was clearly an assessment of viable drafting locations on the River in the old lakebeds. The flight path of this Helo was directly along the south of my ranch across the road from the Klamath River.

Of course, the Klamath River is now very shallow due to extreme sedimentation, especially in the area of the lakebed of the former Iron Gate Lake.

Most of the Fire Attack Helos require about a 4-foot depth into clean water to fills their tanks. Scoop planes are no longer an asset since our lakes are now gone.

In the case of the Klamath River, now in many areas, the traditional drafting locations (deep salmon and steelhead holes) are filled-in with sediment. I have been told by several professional (40-50 year vets.) that the average depth of the river now is about 12-inches due to extreme post-dam removal sediments. 

Helicopters sucking water from shallow areas that contain 79% clay (per GEC sediment study) is far from ideal for many reasons. (important to note: conical clay binds to toxins), and 10% silt (according to Gethard Engineering’s (‘GEC’) 2006 lake-bottom sediment survey)

I filmed said CALFIRE helicopter as it went along the River prospecting for water drafting holes.
And I sent my article and video to my editor at Siskiyou News for his consideration. 

That article is now well read at Siskiyou News and online at numerous Facebook groups

I am an FAA licensed commercial-instrument multi-engine helicopter pilot with turbine ratings and I have thousands of hours as a commercial pilot. I am not a lay

I fully understand what I was seeing. And when I was a logger, I’ve seen all sorts of drafting operations when we worked wildfires back in the day for extra money, and more recently, when I was a ‘technical advisor’ to CALFIRE commanders at the Camp Creek base for 9-days, when we had up to 6 helicopters drafting water out of Iron Gate Lake at the Camp Creek side, virtually simultaneously. The toxins in the smoke from that wildfire (Klamathon Fire – 2018)  killed my wife. And now, UCLA has published research that shows about 55,000 Americans were killed by wildfire smoke from 2008-2018, resulting in about $430-Billion in economic damages!

Now comes a paid USFS civil servant, ‘PIO for USFS’ (Basho Parks) calling the news story written in the Siskiyou News  “fake news”

We believe that Mr. Parks has overstepped his authority and is taking his own personal perspectives and opinions and posting them, and inappropriately influencing people using his USFS position. I would interested to see if his statement ‘Fake News’ was approved by his bosses and the Chief of USFS and the USDA?

Mr. Basho’s actions and ongoing personal rants are in lock-step with resource management agendas embraced by the KRRC and American Rivers.

And Mr. Parks opinions are being offered in concert with his position as a civil servant, paid by We the People

This is a serious conflict of interest and is tantamount to a government agent influencing and impacting public policy and opinion using his USFS credential and offering his personal opinion in an inappropriate manner. 

Mr. Parks is not an elected politician. 

Mr. Basho’s publicly issued (Facebook) ad hominem attacks on me, my research and my 1st Amendment rights must be addressed, and with vigor. We must end agency administrative tranny over American Constitutional Rights! We are now seeing unelected administrators who are using social media to engage in politicking and the establishment of collective collaborative groups who then as well-organized political collectives with unified political agendas influence Gov. solicited public input on various resource management plans in a manner that is not consistent with the desires of the vast majority of affected or concerned Americans.

Moreover, when the CALFIRE S-70i helicopter made a turn to the south out of the River and flew over the dried (toxic) sediments, a massive dust cloud was raised, which drifted over a populated area.  From this one-off demonstration of what happens when wind hits these extensive River-side sediment beds, we can imagine the toxic dust clouds that will be developed and projected into the air mass over humans and homes should a fleet of helicopters attempt drafting the shallows of the lake beds. 

The 2006 Gethard Engineering Corporation (GEC) study of the sediments explained that the conical clay sediment particles in the lake bottom sediments bind to bio-accumulative toxins (found in the sediments by CDM Smith in 2011) .  GEC saw this as benefit since they were promoting sending all the sediments to the sea via the river sediment dump, and NOT into the air and into the lungs of citizens! 

Photo above by William E. Simpson II.  A toxic dust cloud was created by a single helicopter fly-over. That cloud containing lab. proven bio-accumulative toxins blew over homes, people and pets to the north in Iron Gate Estates.  How much abuse will our elected officials allow citizens to be subjected to? These massive sediment beds pose a serious exigent health, safety and welfare threat to citizens and visitors.

I hereby respectfully request that your office immediately address this arguable malfeasance by Mr. Parks, and hold this man into account for the misuse of his agency position.

Thank you!

Regards, William E. Simpson II – USMM ret.

Phone:  858. 212-57**


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    Thank you for your knowledge and concern for this subject.

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