Supervisor Valenzuela Honored with CSAC Institute Graduation Diploma

Graham Knaus, CEO of the California State Association of Counties (CSAC), and Paul Danczyk, COO of the California Counties Foundation (CCF), made a special appearance at the recent Board of Supervisors meeting to honor Supervisor Ed Valenzuela. The highlight of their visit was the presentation of a graduation diploma from the prestigious CSAC Institute to Supervisor Valenzuela.

The CSAC Institute is a well-respected educational institution that focuses on enhancing the skills and knowledge of county supervisors throughout California. It provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to improve governance, leadership, and operational capabilities of local government officials. Completing the Institute’s rigorous 50-hour program is a significant achievement that demonstrates a strong commitment to public service and effective governance.

During the meeting, Knaus and Danczyk formally presented Supervisor Valenzuela with the graduation diploma, acknowledging his dedication and hard work. Knaus praised Valenzuela, stating, “Supervisor Valenzuela’s dedication to completing the CSAC Institute program is a testament to his commitment to excellence and effective governance.”

The Board of Supervisors expressed their pride in Valenzuela’s accomplishment, recognizing the importance of continuous education in order to better serve the community. They extended their gratitude to Knaus and Danczyk for their presence and for acknowledging Valenzuela’s achievement. The Board also thanked the CSAC Institute for providing valuable educational opportunities to county officials.

Graham Knaus, Ed Valenzuela, Paul Danczyk

In his remarks, Supervisor Valenzuela expressed his appreciation, stating, “This recognition is a reflection of our collective commitment to serve and improve our community.” The ceremony underscored the significance of dedicated leadership and ongoing education in effective county governance.

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