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Keep Our Schools Strong: Urging the District to Save Vital Positions

Attend the board meeting Monday March 4th, 2024
Cafeteria-Gold Street School | 321 N. Gold Street Yreka CA 96097
here is attached agenda: Special Board Meeting | 03/04/2024 – 06:00 PM

“The Yreka Union School District faces major job losses. This affects Evergreen, Jackson St., and Gold St. schools. Please show your support! #SaveOurSchools #Yreka”

The resolutions will take effect June 30, when the current fiscal year ends.
The first resolution authorizes the elimination of over 30 paraprofessional and instructional aide positions, ranging from 8 hour to 2 hour positions.
The second resolution cuts four administrative positions: Director of Business Services, Director of Technology, Executive Assistant, and Supervisor of Health Services. All are full-time positions.

The recent news that over 35 paraprofessional, instructional aide, and administrative positions face elimination has sent shockwaves through our community. These jobs are vital to providing quality education and enriching opportunities to our students. Losing so many dedicated employees would be devastating.

While budget shortfalls are undoubtedly real, we urge the district to explore every alternative before resorting to cuts of this magnitude. Dipping into reserves, identifying new funding sources, enacting temporary across-the-board compensation reductions – tough choices exist. But letting go of staff should be the absolute last resort.

These paraprofessionals and aides work the frontlines in our classrooms. They provide personalized attention and mentorship, helping ensure no student slips through the cracks. The administrative positions keep school operations, technology, and programs running smoothly. We cannot achieve academic excellence when taking an ax to key support positions.

This community loves its schools and wants them fully staffed with these invaluable teachers, mentors, and leaders. We implore the Board of Trustees and Superintendent to hear our voices. Protect these jobs. Uphold the quality education our students deserve. Instead of cutting personnel, let us rally together behind our schools. United in purpose, we can overcome any budget obstacle without irreparable sacrifice. Our children and community depend on it.

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