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Wild Horse Fire Brigade Presents Check To Hornbrook Fire Chief

Hornbrook Fire Chief Tim Thurner is seen with William E. Simpson II, the Executive Director of Wild Horse Fire Brigade receiving a check for $1,000.00

In recognition of the fact that Hornbrook Fire Protection District is under funded, under-staffed and nevertheless was on-scene at the Copco Lake mud pit, trying to save wildlife from a slow miserable death in the hazardous mud exposed by KRRC’s Klamath Dam removal project, the all volunteer nonprofit Wild Horse Fire Brigade has donated One-Thousand Dollars to the district fire department to acquire specialized equipment that will help in future rescues of people, wildlife and livestock, including wild horses from the deadly mud hazard that.  

For more than a year, KRRC and RES have been indicting to County officials and local ranchers that they would erect barrier fences around deadly mud hazards to help keep animals out of the deadly mud hazard being created by their dam removal project. 

In a Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday Jan. 23, 2024, the Board of Supervisors learned that KRRC and its contractors have just recently changed there minds, after the mud was exposed, and are rolling back on the fencing project, as well as reneging on the promise to provide alternative water troughs for wildlife and livestock to help prevent the animals from attempting to cross the mud hazards for drinking water.  

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