RES Prioritizes Conservation Efforts for Specific Species: Despite Deer Hurt in Distress

Cover Photo Credit:— at Copco Lake & Klamath River. Terry Kent

A momma deer in copco and her young one up to there neck in mud, being unable to rescue they had to be put down. Image credit Ernie Freitas public FB post

In response to RES’s suggestion of providing stock tanks with fresh water for wildlife, RES Director, Dave Coffman, stated that RES’s main focus is on the conservation of Western Pond Turtles, coho salmon, federally protected suckers, bald eagles, and other specific species. RES has not received any instructions to allocate funds for managing privately owned livestock or a wide variety of other wildlife in the area. Although the idea of providing stock tanks to support wildlife is entertaining, RES’s priority lies in the preservation of these specific species and their habitats. At this time, RES is committed to implementing special efforts and initiatives to support the conservation of the targeted species mentioned.

Email response from RES concerning “critical Deer Watering Habitat”

While I had considered providing the completely voluntary service of purchasing and maintaining up to 3 temporary stock tanks, I have determined that RES will not progress that activity further. I suggest that any concerns you may have regarding wildlife management that are not a specific obligation of the KRRC project be directed to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. RES is tasked with special efforts regarding Western Pond Turtles, coho salmon, federally protected suckers, bald eagles and other specific species but we have not been directed to expend funds to manage privately owned livestock or a wide array of other wildlife in the area.

Dave Coffman, PG
Director, Northern California and Southern Oregon
Sr. Fluvial Geomorphologist

I would further note that the fencing project is not an initiative by either KRRC or RES. Another party is undertaking that effort, using dollars not in the KRRC budget, in order to better protect the restoration project from disturbance by cattle and horses.

Finally, the restoration project is well underway so I and my entire team are exceptionally busy. Given the time constraints matters that are not within the responsibility of RES will be directed to the relevant party.

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