Lawsuits Come as Congress has Failed To Act on or Pass Bills to Create New Protections, such as the Kids Online Safety Act.

The federal lawsuit alleges that Meta deceived users by making the “false and misleading” claims that its features were not manipulative, that its products weren’t designed to promote unhealthy engagement with children and that its products are safe for younger users.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

“We refuse to allow Meta to trample on our children’s mental and physical health, all to promote its products and increase its profits,” said California Attorney General Rob Bonta, who is leading the federal lawsuit, during a virtual press conference with the other states. “We refuse to allow the company to feign ignorance of the harm that’s causing, we refuse to let it continue business as usual.”

At a separate press conference Tuesday in San Francisco, Bonta spoke of the importance of bipartisanship in bringing the federal case, which has 15 Republican and 18 Democratic AGs signed on. “Folks that don’t team up too often are teaming up today,” Bonta said. “I think that speaks volumes, less so about the success on the merits, but I think more about the scope of the problem and how it touches every corner of this country.”

Source: Politico

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