Addressing the Climbing Gas Prices

Source: Assemblywoman Megan Dahle Newsletter

Californians are currently facing some of the highest gas prices in the nation. This is primarily due to the fact that we bear the heaviest gas taxes and fees among all 50 states‚ amounting to well over a dollar for every gallon of gas pumped. It is disheartening to witness such a stark contrast when the national average for gas prices is nearly $2 less than what Californians are paying. The photo to the left was taken in the 1st Assembly District this week.

These exorbitant gas prices are taking a toll on families in our district‚ forcing them to search for more affordable gas stations. Tragically‚ they are often faced with agonizing choices‚ such as deciding between filling up their tanks to transport their kids to soccer practice or purchasing a bag of groceries to put food on the table. Such decisions should not be made at the pump; it is time for a change.

My colleagues and I have been staunch advocates for the suspension of the gas tax‚ a move that would offer immediate relief to the hardworking people of California. Unfortunately‚ our pleas to suspend this tax have been denied by the supermajority in Sacramento‚ even as average gas prices in our state continue to surge relentlessly.

We must prioritize the well-being of Californians at the Capitol and use our influence to make our state more affordable for everyone. I firmly support the suspension of the gas tax as a means to curb these out-of-control gasoline prices and put money back into the pockets of our residents.

I urge you to join us in our call for action by voicing your concerns. If you’d like to contact the Governor’s office about this issue‚ click here.

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  1. The Water needs of Our Agricultural Community should be Considered, before Any Knee-Jerk Reactions are made to reduce Water Use, since These Folks Grow the Food and Fiber that is essential to Our Local Community.

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