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Fire Restrictions lifted on Klamath National Forest

Forest Service News Release

Yreka, Calif., September 28, 2023— Recent weather conditions have lessened the fire danger on the Klamath National Forest, and fire restrictions will be lifted effective September 28, 2023 across the forest.Forest officials stress that the Northern California fire season is not over, and care and common sense must still be used when in the forest. The larger fuels, such as logs, remain fairly dry and have not been as affected by the recent rains. The potential for wildfires still exists and visitors to the forest should remember to never leave campfires unattended.A California Campfire Permit is still required for open campfires, stoves, and barbecues outside developed campgrounds. The permit lists requirements for clearing the ground around campfires, how to completely extinguish fires, and which tools must be always kept at the campfire site. The permit may be obtained free of charge from any USDA Forest Service office or online at

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