Siskiyou, South County

Dunsmuir’s Art Exhibits at SAM

Siskiyou Arts Museum (SAM) opened two new art shows with a large reception of people coming from throughout South Siskiyou County on Saturday 8th. The reception included live local music, food and drinks prepared and made by volunteers Claudia Wagner, Virgina Bispala and Nina Lachawicz (known as the Widow’s Club), and a talk from artists Phill Dynan and Anastasia Nelson.

In the main gallery is the showing of ‘Interactive Art (Art that Moves)’, by husband and wife Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson. This specific show was first shown 3 years ago in Chico and now is on display at SAM through September 2nd. 

During a talk by both artists, the audience was directed to lean to one side, then the other, and to bend down to see their 3-dimensional art work move. 

 Dynan says, “Since 2017 I have been working with UCDGraduate Anastasia Nelson on a series of 3D, Reverse Perspective, ani-morphous, painted sculptures that are considered ‘interactive’ as they both morph and have motion as the viewer changes viewing spots.”

“Reverspective Retrospective” is a 30 foot long sculpture made up of 8 sections of 4 foot birch acrylic painted wood  panels that was 50 years in the making.

This included 5 years of math developing the shapes and angles, and one year to put together. The concept took 5 years

and hidden in this work are lots of small stories in the walls and windows of the painted buildings of other famous artist friends. 

 ” There is all kinds of math and motion here that equals magic.” 

Nelson says of their work,

Dynan tells of the underside of the staircase concept he originally learned from Patrict Hughes who lived in Germany during WW2 when he and his family hid in the basement under the staircase while the Germans were bombing the Jewish people. Hughes is still alive and now in his 80’s.

Dynan and Nelson have been working together for 25 years but have their own styles and also work alone as well. 

Among their artwork in their show is a painting inspired by Maija Peeples Bright’s Victorian house who was one of the founders of Funk Art and lives in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco. She attended the reception wearing a pair of her signature hand-painted shoes.

Artists Anastasia Nelson, Maija Peeples Bright and Phil Dynan in front of Maija’s Victorian house painting.

The invitational show called “Small Works” created by SAM’s volunteer Kim Harper, is made up of an assortment of  4 by 4 inch size pieces of different art media in a 16 piece frame from 12 local artists expressing themselves . 

David Martinez’s  “Spring in the Desert” is a collection of photos from Joshua Tree printed on metallic paper mounted on boards from his old wooden fence.
Sharon Martinez’s “Little Daydreams” is a collection of pictures she cut out of old magazines from the waiting room in the hospital she works at that spoke to her of moments in time. 
Kim Harper’s “The Many Faces of the Mountain” is a collection of photos from the different sides of Mount Shasta. 
Cynthia Henderson’s “Desert Aurora Series” (picture 32) is a photo of an original painting and photoshopped with different filters for a digital transformation. 
Sean McCandless’s “16 Portals” is pre A.I. digital “glitch art” of original photos.

This show is sponsored by Bob and Ellen Bonning, Weston’s Quilting and Fiber Arts, and family and friends of Cynthia Henderson. 

Siskiyou Arts Museum will be celebrating their 10th anniversary with a reception for the public on August 12th. 

The museum and gift shop is located at 5824 Dunsmuir Ave., in Dunsmuir.  

For more information, go to or call (530) 235-4711.

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    I appreciate seeing stories about local events, as we currently do not have a newspaper or television station that covers local life in Siskiyou County. Thank you Shareen Strauss.

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