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Freedom of Speech, or of the Press

Eb and Flow, which is a normal cycle for many things in life. It is the things we do not think much about that many miss the most when we look around after it is gone.

Correction / Addition

a few points of clarification about Discover Siskiyou because there are a lot of rumors floating around about how we’re funded/how we operate:
We are structured as a Tourism Business Improvement District and are funded 100% by an assessment levied upon lodging properties (they voted to self-assess at a rate of 2% of every overnight room stay, with that money going to fund our program). We don’t receive any money from local government.

We are legally obligated to spend our budget on marketing activities aimed at drawing overnight visits that benefit our direct stakeholders, which are the lodging properties – meaning that we advertise primarily out of the county to people not from our area who might come stay in hotels/motels/rv parks/etc. I know some folks are curious why we don’t advertise much with local publications, and this is why.

We think what you do is wonderful, and would never / have never discouraged others from working with you!

So where is Jay off the rails today, what babble must he subject me to…

I returned home Sunday after my second trip to Yreka for the weekend. My goal was to spark a little interest in the Yreka Gold Rush Event for the sake of the local vendors that paid for vendor space. If you recall, last year had a few hurdles also.

*Gold Rush Flyer
do you see a time listed ??

I/we came over Saturday June 10th, at noon thinking that was a safe time for an event. Well, I was a couple of hours off.

After having a nice meal in town with another business on the flyer that does not do business with us but wants promotion of events that they are partnered in.

*and it is a great lunch, FYI. As I visited with others from SV, taking in a meal.

Why so, SALTY? Why Do it like this… Well, I need to make a point and move on, which is POINTLESS, I am aware of. But you see, my heart went out to all the vendors that paid hard-earned cash for a space to sell at the event. Vendors that are the who and what or I like to think as the NUTS and BOLTS in our community.

What set me off? Being told that I have to promote something because you have the largest platform in Siskiyou, yet I am not supported by a

*see above: county general fund with taxpayer dollars nor supported by a group that gets funding to promote events in Siskiyou County. Please prove me WRONG!

Early Saturday morning, after getting home from the coast around 11:30 Friday Night, I got an email like I am sure many did from said promoters with not a word or mention of the event taking place later this day in Yreka….

You have to click on Epic Events on the news letter email.

I will admit that after finding out that I had a free calendar of events for Siskiyou, not only did they step up the game but also told others not to use Siskiyou News.. WOW!

This is the Yreka FB News page data. This is also just one of the four news pages.

“No” you say, “Yes” I say..

A vendor at the Gold Rush Days that had a spot asked me to return to Yreka and see what he is doing. I said yes after visiting, checking it out, and taking some videos for promotion. When I went to leave, he tried to slip me 100$, which tore me up. I saw a 50$ in the billfold and said I’d be pleased with that.

As we are halfway through 2023, I have to look at the facts and numbers, which is incredibly depressing.

Facts Hurt..

I ask any of you reading this, would you give yourself to Siskiyou County 10-16 hrs a day, seven days a week? Drive thousands of miles, spend lots of personal money and savings, then ask your family to suffer or be exposed to a public lifestyle.

The Straw that Broke the Camels Back

Text Message from Shareen!

I thought I was going to get my articles written today, but that didn’t happen. Last night I went to cover the open house of the new owners of the Dancehall but there’s so many people there talking and visiting. I took pictures and I went back today and talked with her so I can get enough to write about. I also helped some other people with stuff so I didn’t have time to sit down and write. Sorry.

Shareen @ 6:36 PM June 11th, 2023

I reread this, and my horns come out! So here are some pictures she sent to share with you on Fb that generate ZERO but a nice little “Like or Heart”…. Many do not realize that it is not just me but others who work their A$$’s off and feel guilty for “NOT” getting enough work done, for free! That kills me… Shareen is a much better person than I am, that is for sure.

I have to publicly apologize to the 200+/- supporters that think I should know better. Because I Do! But as I gather another round of whats left of my old dreams and sell to fund another I just do not care. I am not going away just yet! We have lots more work or activism to do around this county before we hand it over. So Grab your POPCORN the next few months might just be a barn burner if you know the expression..

I strongly feel this, above and below..

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9 NLT

In closing, I know Yreka Bob has words for me about this! I also believe Ann is a driving force that powers me forward and understands the importance of the press, media, and a voice for the people. I hope I did not burn a bridge with the Kaster’s, fore I like their friendship and being a champion.

I am anything but a coward, in trying to sum it up. Sorry if it doesn’t read right, Sorry to subject some of you to my crap. I am months behind on other video and media projects that I need to get cleared off my plate to take on more…

Jay Martin


  1. The Native American

    Oh gosh, articles like this make me puke! There’s nothing to celebrate about the “good ol’ days” of the so called gold rush!!!

    Native Americans suffered lots of violence because of your greed! Everything has been documented by UCLA Professor (PHD) Benjamin Madley “An American Genocide”. Native Americans were treated as disposable workers without food and water. There were heavily armed militias that exerted force and displaced many Natives from their land during these times of the gold rush. Post gold rush and if you were an Indian, you were definitely in danger of being killed or enslaved.

    The people of Yreka should be ashamed for doing these so called mining gatherings as festivals for contributing to genocide!

    Look up your “heroes” Charles Stone and Andrew Kelsey who raped women and killed many enslaved natives during that time.

    Former Governer of CA Peter Burnette (1849-1851) singlehandedly waged a war against CA Indians. You want facts? All these militias and Miners were well funded by CA and killed hundreds if not thousands of Indians.

    The most insensitive “article” I’ve read by far!!

  2. Thank you ever so for you blog.Really thank you! Awesome.

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