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How Cartels Successfully Take Over Northern California | Jorge Ventura

Source California Insider

“I covered the crime and cartel stuff, but never has an elected official in the United States backed off an interview with me, because they’ve actually were threatened from that group. I mean, this is happening in the United States. I mean, it’s absurd.”

Siyamak sits down with Jorge Ventura, Reporter and Producer of the Documentary “Narcofornia.” Today Jorge explains the hidden world of illegal marijuana growth in California and the dangers it presents to our community. Has California lost control of these rural communities? Are the local residents feeling helpless against this threat?

This information is true. I’ve lived here for many years and you used to explore different areas to hunt, fish, camp, boondock, family outings. Now you have to worry about running into one of these grows. It happened to me. Knowing this I traveled a paved registered road that was like any other road. I never though the road I picked to travel on would be dangerous until I ran into a illegal grow. I first past about 20 people with a water truck, then another 1/4 mile about 40 more.

Now get this if you carry a gun for protection but CA makes you lock it up separately from ammo, I can’t use it on the spot, if I carry a loaded gun I can go to jail, but they carry all kinds of loaded guns; freely. So I had a weapon, but because CA laws I have to lock it up…not theses guys they do what ever they want. Their everywhere. Us locals are locked into small areas and we feel like we are living in a different country.

Criminals are in control. Then like the interviewer said they use San Francisco laws to protect themselves to do illegal things. leaders in CA do not care. That’s why Northern stated wast to separate from CA and create the state of Jefferson…

CA is changing right under your nose and soon you will feel it. There’s nowhere in CA to go anymore.

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