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Thanksgiving Fall Feast at Castle Rock School

By Shareen Strauss

Photos by Shareen Strauss

Just over a week ago, students at Castel Rock Elementary School had their traditional Fall Festival where they dressed up in costumes celebrating Halloween. Just a week later, celebrating Thanksgiving, the students enjoyed the Fall Feast, which is another tradition of the school.

The school’s art instructor, Debbie Blackwell, helped the students decorate the cafeteria for the event by having each student paint turkeys out of their handprints for colorful table placemats. Each classroom also made a poster of a tree labeling each leaf with what they are thankful for. The walls of the cafeteria also displayed other traditional artwork from each class.

After the traditional Thanksgiving meal, Principal Mandy Leahy invited students to stand up and share what they are thankful for. There were some common themes like being thankful for their family, their class or teacher, and pets, but there are also those children that think out of the box claiming that they were thankful for the tooth fairy or games that they play during recess.

Asked what was their favorite Thanksgiving food:

Natalie from 5th grade said her favorite food was bread.

Tanner from 6th grade said that his favorite food was turkey and pumpkin pie.

Both Logan from 7th grade and Charli from 8th grade said that their favorite was the mashed potatoes and gravy, and pumpkin pie.

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