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The Weather Cooperated and Skies Cleared for the Dozens of Cars Carrying the Honored Veterans

By Shareen Strauss

SNN Correspondent

On Saturday, the day after Veterans Day, veterans from around McCloud, members of the American Legion Post 92, the Son's and the Auxiliary, along with the McCloud Fire Department paraded through the streets of McCloud to share in the pride of our veterans. People came out of their houses and children stood on street corners waving American flags as they heard the fire department sirens slowly touring up and down the streets.

The weather cooperated and skies cleared for the dozens of cars carrying the honored veterans through town in celebration.

The parade started and ended at the American Legion Post where the celebrations continued with a community brunch for participants and others that came for a good meal.

Crockpots of soups, chili, and other dishes lined the table at the Veterans Day Luncheon that followed the parade. These events were hosted by the American Legion Post 92 Auxiliary as part of a community service project on Americanism.

The Veterans Day luncheon, hosted by the American Legion Auxiliary Post 92 in McCloud, followed the Veterans Day Parade. A long table lined with crockpots that Auxiliary ladies and other community members made for the event included tortellini, vegetable and taco soups, clam chowder, stroganoff, and different kinds of chili. There were over 65 people, many were veterans that enjoyed the food including a patriotic cake listing all the armed services: army, navy, air force, coast guard, marines, and the new space force.

Local veterans of McCloud along with American Legion Auxiliary President Judy Sarti (left bottom row) stand behind a patriotic cake made for the veteran luncheon held on Saturday, November 12, that followed the Veterans Parade.

Martin Glenn, acting adjutant and honor guard, gave the National American Legion speech for 2022. Chaplin Bill Jett gave a blessing for the community and meal. Mike Rorke, a US Army Vietnam war veteran was presented a Quilt of Valor and a plaque from the Shasta Lily Quilt Guild for the State of Jefferson Quilters.

Malou Shannon with the Shasta Lily Quilt Guild for the State of Jefferson Quilters, and American Legion Auxiliary President Judi Sarti hold up the Quilt of Valor made by Christine Engdall for Mike Rorke, a US Army Vietnam War Veteran, who is holding a plaque also honoring him from the guild.

The parade, luncheon and an assembly for the elementary school that was held earlier in the week was inspired by Auxiliary President Judi Sarti as a community service project on Americanism. "We hope to continue this from year to year. It took us a couple months to plan for this and we are already starting to work on this for next year," says Sarti.

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