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Veterans Day at McCloud Elementary

By Shareen Strauss

Veterans Day came a little early to McCloud Elementary School. An assembly held at the school on November 9th, brought a number of McCloud veterans to tell their stories so the children could get a better and more personal understanding of what Veterans Day is all about.

American Legion Auxiliary President Judy Sarti talks to the McCloud School children about Veterans Day as local veterans sit waiting their turn to speak to the students about being a veteran.

Auxiliary President Judy Sarti explained this honored holiday for all who served in the armed forces: army, navy, coast guard, air force, marines, and the new military branch called space force.

The American Legion Post 92 Color Guard, Chuck Skippen, Jeff Durand, and Martin Glenn marched into the auditorium carrying our flags and together with the students, they pledge allegiance.

The American Legion Post 92 Honor Guard marched in the McCloud Elementary School auditorium during an assembly to help teach children what Veterans Day is about.

McCloud Veterans Dennis Cain, Chief Burcell and Barry Davis (front row), and Tammi and George Blair, and Debbie Friend (back row) all from different military and different wars, stand during the Veterans Day assembly at the McCloud Elementary School.

McCloud veterans like Barry Davis, LeRoy Scarborough, Chief Burcell, Dennis Cain, George and Tammi Blair talked with the children and answered their questions. One never knows how children view things being influenced by television and social media.

One child asked Vietnam Veteran LeRoy Scarborough if he was

scared when he joined the military.

Tammi Blair was asked if she liked being in the Air Force and

what it was like living abroad.

Veteran LeRoy Scarborough speaks to children at the

McCloud Elementary School during a Veterans Day Assembly.

Steve Manning, president of the American Legion Post 92 salutes during an assembly at the

McCloud Elementary School on November 9th.

Poppies were handed out and explained that they are symbolic for remembering the fallen soldiers.

Each child also received an American flag and sang patriotic songs together like the Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, and This land is your Land.

The students also were given coloring pages and a comic book called Our Country's Flag.

Jeff Durand, Martin Glenn, and Chuck Skippen of the American Legion Post 92 Color Guard stand at attention during a McCloud Elementary School assembly about Veterans Day.

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