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Mount Shasta Homecoming Parade 22'

Mount Shasta High School homecoming parade varsity football float

By Shareen Strauss

Mount Shasta High School has 260 students, of which 58 are seniors.

Together, the students rallied and chose their class themes during the homecoming week of October 17 through 21st.

According to the school staff, the students were really creative with each day's theme.

  • Monday's theme was "anything except a backpack. A shopping cart, kayak, and skateboard with a plastic set of drawers were a couple of the items.

  • Tuesday's theme was tie-dye vs necktie. Both were utilized with one student wearing a necktie around his head.

  • Wednesday's theme was country club vs country. Both were popular among the students.

  • Thursday's theme was to "dress as your type." One student came to school as a baseball player.

  • Friday was music theme day and the rally. The seniors chose a rock-n-roll theme, juniors picked EDM (electric dance music), sophomores were indie, and freshmen were country.

Before the parade there was cheerleading, then a volleyball game against each class where the junior class beat all, a drum line, and then the announcement of royalty.

A Kettlecorn and taco truck was parked at the school with games available on the school lawn. The students decorated the Joe Blevin's memorial stadium.

This year's royalty were seniors River Tacbas, Hayden Jeffery, Morgan Bourke, Zech Welch, Lance Stewart, and Marcus Delgado.

Junior royalty included Zachary Wilderman, Cathilla Merkle, Ella De La Torre, and Gaia Miabello.

Sophomore royalty was Celine El Hammoud, Benjamine Aguirra, Nicholas Mangrum, and Rebekah Andersen.

Mt Shasta Sophomore Zriel Bellwood jumping on his jumping stilts during the homecoming parade on October 21st.

Royalty Freshmen float with Nicholas Mangrum and Rebekah Andersen

Junior float with the theme of country music

Junior class with the Indie theme float

Junior Royalty Zach Wildermen, Cathilla Merkle, Ella De La Torre, and Gaia Miabello.

Sophomore Royalty Celine El Hammoud and Benjamine Aguirra

Senior float with the theme of Rock N Roll

Junior varsity football float

Right: Senior Royalty River Tacbas, Hayden Jeffery

Above: Senior Royalty Lance Stewart and Marcus Delgado

Left: Senior Royalty Morgan Brourke and Zech Welch

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