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Colors of Conduits

Photo & Text from Siskiyou Telephone FB Page

Siskiyou Telephone has had a very busy construction year!

Youโ€™ve probably seen our crews, equipment and materials in Etna on Island Road or in Fort Jones where we bored underground on Patterson Creek Road, Scott River Road to Belgium Lane, and Dangel Lane to Shackleford Bridge. We have also been down river placing conduit from Hamburg to Seiad.

Did you ever wonder why there are many different colored conduits?

  • The orange and blue conduits are used for the mainline backbone fiber (from our central offices to our fiber nodes).

  • The grey conduit is used for the mainline copper cable.

  • The green and purple conduits are used for our distribution fiber.

  • From a pedestal along the road or street,

  • The copper cable and distribution fiber are placed together in another orange conduit. This drop is plowed to your home or business, fiber is pulled through the conduit and now you have fiber broadband service!

Our plans, over the next few years, are to get this critical infrastructure to everyone in our service territory.

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