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California Community Battles Back Against Potentially Corrupt Officials Pushing Cannabis

Law Enforcement News Service was invited to Lassen County this week by a group of mild mannered, law abiding concerned citizens, educators, doctors, ranchers, farmers, and business persons to see what was going on with cannabis being pushed by three city council members.

At the city council public meeting three members appeared tone deaf and the two remaining council members were clapping for citizen’s presentations opposing cannabis.

The below video is unredacted and is just a very small sample of all the community members that got up to speak. There was not ONE pro-cannabis citizen speaking up… just three council members out of five pushing it. The Susanville ordinances allow for council members to engage in commercial cannabis activities, for profit, without time constraint. The citizens feel this is covert corruption. We would have to agree.

Video is 18 minutes long, worth the listen..

Vote Vote Vote. There was over an hour and a half of public comment, much of it by highly informed and involved individuals concerned for their communities. What happens to our sister counties affects all of us. What happens to California WILL happen in your states. The onslaught of a 32 billion dollar drug business this year is hard to stop.

We see cannabis money flowing into our elections and in the case of Shasta County, our supervisors race. Our children and the places we live are all worth fighting for.

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