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Abram Is Preparing To leave Kosovo Camp and head for Uhuru Peak. It is Sunday, September 18th

By Jessica Mannix

I wanted to share a local feel good story about my son!

We live in Horse Creek, have lived in Siskiyou county for almost 15 years and down river for 10. My husband is an attorney in town – Ryan Mannix at Fallow Field Legal Services right across from the court house.

Abram received all of his out patient physical therapy here in Siskiyou county from Lauralee Wallace who is also a resident here.

He had a spinal cord tumor removed in 2017. At the time they told us he would most likely would never walk again. He walked out of the hospital two months later.

Today he and his father are sleeping at Kosovo Camp on Mt Kilimanjaro getting ready for the summit push in just a few hours!!

Our son, Abram, choose to do this as a fundraiser for Lifewater a ministry that digs wells and teaches water sanitation to areas in Africa and internationally.

I would love it if you could share Abram’s story! His website is Abramscall.com and the Facebook and Instagram pages are both Abram’s Call

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Jessica Mannix

12hr ago, It’s go time!! Right now Abram and Ryan are preparing to leave Kosovo Camp and head for Uhuru Peak. It is 2:40am on Sunday, September 18th in Tanzania. They are leaving a little later than originally planned – in part they are trying to avoid a long period of sustained misery for the fleeting glory of sunrise at Stella Point, which even with a 12am start is not a promise.

Ryan shared with me yesterday that the guides warned them not to worry if they saw people being carried down or telling tales. The best ones they saw still looked like the scene after the battle in the movies where the survivors trudge through the carnage with downcast eyes. The guides reminded them not to set their minds on that which is seen but to run their own race and that a positive attitude results in a higher altitude. Ryan was reminded of the song that goes something like “You are the air I breathe, Your holy presence, living in me.”

The barometric pressure n the top of Mt Kilimanjaro is 50 kPa – meaning there is only 49% of the oxygen available compared to sea level. They will hike through heavy scree – loose stones that form over the slope of a mountain. As they climb the rocks will move and make their progress that much harder.

Ryan’s phone for whatever reason had reception and he managed to send me a few pictures from the last few days!

Both Ryan and Abram are in good spirits!

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Ryan Mannix is Sharing their location using Garmin

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