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McKinney Fire runs rampant near Horse Creek, Ca on the Klamath River

On the 29th of July at 2:41pm the fire was reported, first report was 1/4 acre with moderate rate of spread. Air resources were at the scene immediately with additional in route.

At 2:53pm evacuations were underway on McKinney Creek Rd just south of Walker Rd.

At 3:05pm additional evacuations ordered down to the mouth of Scott, Klamath River Road as well as on the south side of the river.

At 3:27pm Air Attack reporting 35-40 acres with rapid rate of spread, more type 2 or better helicopter’s ordered.

At 4:14pm Zones SIS-1120 and SIS-1123 and Zones SIS-3502 put under evacuation warning

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At 5:05pm 4-6 crews, 30 engines, 4-5 water tenders and 4 dozers requested

At 5:26pm reported 100 acres with rapid rate of spreed.

At 5:45pm reported fire has spotted to the East of McKinney Rd

At 6:40pm fire accurately mapped at 158 acres

At 7:15pm fire approximately 300 acres

First Picture is at 8:26pm Significant increase in fire activity with spotting due to an impeding thunderstorm over the area. Focus on structure protection.

Photo By Renee Gomes Head

Hwy 96 down river for McKinney Creek at 8pm

9:41pm Substantial up drainage winds causing very active fire, with flanking and running up slope.

Per radio traffic 20-25 MPH winds..

Praying for everyones safety, and calm winds!

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