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Siskiyou South County Yreka

Fish Killed, Dissolved Oxygen Levels Dropping to ZERO on the nights of August 3 and 4

Photos and content provided byS. Craig Tucker, PhDThese pictures were taken between Indian Creek which flows though Happy Camp and Seiad Creek about 20 miles upstream. Observations suggest that this was a temporal event. That is to say a massive debris slide out of areas impacted by the #McKinneyFire entered the mainstream Klamath River at […]


New Fires Report Shasta Trinity National Forest

: Multiple lightning caused fires were identified by aviation detection units this afternoon as thunderstorm systems rolled across the area. These fires are single tree incidents and are relatively small. All of these fires are being actively engaged by air and ground firefighting resources in a full suppression effort. More information will be provided as […]

Siskiyou South County Yreka

IR Mapping Discovers 27 Acre Fire In Siskiyou Crest Biological Area

The USDA Forest Service National Infrared Operations (NIROPS) Unit using high resolution airborne infrared imagery and fire detection data to infrared interpreters. The timely availability of acquired imagery and derived data enables infrared interpreters to generate tactical scale fire mapping that support situational awareness and informed decision-making by incident command teams. On mapping the #McKinneyFire […]

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Dramatic Mud Flow Flooding when Bridge Taken Out Yesterday at #McKinneyFire

"Last night we had a bridge give out near Humbug Road within the evacuation zone. The individual inside was a private contractor working the fire and was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries," Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office stated in a press release.At the time, Siskiyou Alerts posted on Facebook, "four vehicles swept […]

Siskiyou South County Yreka

Klamath Chokes On Mud and Debris – Siskiyou Telephone Sets-up Free WiFi – Yeti Now Blows Up

****Last nights thunderstorm carries mud and debris from #kckinneyFire fire scar to the Klamath River****Siskiyou Telephone has set up a temporary FREE Wi-Fi Hotspot on highway 96****#yetifire it’s hot and dry, as expected. We’re seeing an increase in fire activityWe here at Siskiyou Telephone would like to send our thoughts and prayers to those of […]


Report on Yreka City Council meeting 2 Aug. 2022

By Lorenzo LoveYPD Chief Gilman gave a report on the fire. Among other things, he said that with the mutual aid agreement with police from other cities, the police can provide 15 two-man patrol units to keep looters out of the evacuation areas. YFD Chief also gave a report on the fire. Among other things, […]