Short Stories, Siskiyou

Shasta Sovereign: March volume titled “Trains and Railroads”

Embracing Diverse Perspectives
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We are thrilled to announce our latest initiative to foster creativity and diversity of thought through our website’s monthly topics. Our goal is to simplify the way ideas are shared and interpreted, allowing each individual to bring their unique perspective to the table. This approach is designed to inspire and challenge our community to view life through varying lenses.

We’ve extended an open invitation to individuals from all walks of life: colleagues from my clinics, patients, friends, neighbors, and the youth of our community, including high school students across the North East corner of California. We’re also excited about the participation from the College of Siskiyous Writing Club, which has already seen contributions in our recent volume.

By encouraging a wide array of voices to partake, we hope to build a tapestry of insights that resonate and encourage reflection. We look forward to the continued engagement and inspiration that comes from reading and sharing these personal interpretations. Join us in this collective journey of discovery and expression.


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