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Firefighters Quell Scarface Vehicle Blaze

photo credit: Laura Tippit

Photo credits: Laura Tippit

In the early afternoon of April 2nd, 2024, CAL FIRE, alongside local fire departments from Fort Jones, Etna, and the Scott Valley, were called into action to tackle a fierce vehicle fire on Scarface Road. The incident, which occurred at precisely 1:57 pm, saw a vehicle engulfed in flames that had also managed to ignite a 20×20 foot area of surrounding vegetation.

Thanks to the swift and coordinated response of the fire crews, they were able to completely extinguish the vehicle fire and promptly contain the small vegetation fire before it could spread any further. The teamwork displayed by the different departments was commendable and undoubtedly crucial in preventing what could have been a more severe wildfire.

photo credit: Laura Tippit

As of now, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. It’s a stark reminder of how quickly a situation can escalate and the importance of emergency services in our community. Kudos to all the firefighters for their hard work and dedication. We’re all safer for it.

Stay tuned for updates on the investigation with #CALFIRESKU2024.

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