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Klamath River – And The Award Goes To…


The first annual ‘River of Death’ award goes to the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (‘KRRC’) and its CEO Mark Bransom.

Let’s face it, it really takes a lot to kill-off an entire aquatic ecosystem, and in the process, contaminate the Klamath River to the point where the County Health Department has to issue a press release warning citizens to stay out of the water

Klamath River water quality deemed unsafe, Siskiyou Health Division says

SISKIYOU COUNTY, Calif. — Residents should not be in or drink water from the Klamath River due to high levels of arsenic, lead and aluminum, the Siskiyou County Environmental Health said today. According to the report, heavy metals in the Klamath River have increased due to sediment buildup that happened after drawdown of the river’s three reservoirs in January. This is part of the Lower Klamath Dam Removal project.

But, the Klamath River Renewal Corporation has managed to accomplish something that is unheard of on the west coast of the United States. 

Their accomplishments in earning the ‘River of Death’ award, with the help of their contractors, have reached new heights in perpetrating ecological disaster.  Lets Review:

1. Ignoring the will of the American people living in Siskiyou County. 78% of local citizens who know the Klamath River and the lakes on that river like a friend, voted in a referendum on removing the klamath river dams said, ‘no dam removal’.  KRRC had no problem giving the Citizens of Siskiyou County the middle finger.

2. Breaking promises to keep citizens and Siskiyou County California informed and up-to-date on plans and provide full and complete transparency, as they forced themselves and their agenda onto the County and the Klamath River.

3. Obfuscating, spinning and candy-coating science regarding toxins and heavy metals known to be problematic in the lakebed sediments if released into the main-stem of the Klamath River.

4. Disregarding their own published and well-socialized plan to dewater Copco and Iron Gate Lakes over the span of two months, and instead dumped the lake water and toxic sediments into the main-stem of the Klamath River over the period of just a few days.

5. Killing Billions of lifeforms in the main-stem of the Klamath River down river from the dam removal project, including native species organisms and fish, and adversely impacting terrestrial wildlife.

6. Creating a river that is now polluted and will remain polluted for decades as a result of the 15-million metric yards of sediments remaining in the lake bottoms continuing to erode clay, toxins and heavy metals into the Klamath River.

7. Ignoring the best science available that said the lake bottom sediments were a serious problem and must be removed and relocated away from any watershed. Arguably this was done in favor of profitability (taking the cheap route out).

Planting toxic sediments listens-well, but is guaranteed to fail, here’s why:

Anyone thinking logically knows that the Klamath River floods periodically. And because KRRC’s plan failed to wash the majority of the polluted lake bottom sediments down river during their off-plan three-day dump of water and sediments, the now remaining 15-million metric yards of polluted sediments are merely a ticking time-bomb. 

The so-called plan to plant the remaining polluted sediment beds is just a fake solution that flies in the face of reality!

Let’s Assume the following scenario (best case situation):

The plantings take hold, and few years pass. Maybe some fish survive and show up in the Klamath River. At this point, hundreds of $-millions more of  California and Oregon taxes have been spent restoring the river and developing the fishery by cleaning-up and mitigating the January 23, 2024 sediment dump of 5-7-million metric yards of polluted clay sediments. 

This process will likely include the expensive dredging in numerous locations of the Klamath River to remove impacted clay from ecologically critical ‘deep pool refugia’ and spawning beds used by fish. 

Then, we have a flood.  As we all know, a flood will in fact dislodge and transport large quantities of polluted sediments remaining on the lake bottoms into the river, killing the entire River again

The empirically evident results of dumping just 5-7 million metric yards of that polluted clay sediment into the River easily killed all the aquatic life on the Klamath River, when it was dumped on January 23, 2024.  

Imagine the additional epic damage to the Klamath River if some or all of the remaining 15-million metric yards of polluted clay sediments (planted or not) are washed into the main-stem of the Klamath River via a flood. 

Those meager plantings, even if they take hold, cannot withstand the force of a flood-torrent rushing through the lake-bed canyons where the 15-million metric yards of polluted clay sediments currently remain.

KRRC’s failure to acknowledge this very real probability arguably brings their so-called plan into the realm of incompetence and gross negligence. 

And assuming they realize what they are doing shows a total disregard for the correct methodologies for restoring the river, which some experts might characterize as devious and sinister given the current and likely future impacts on the health, safety and economic welfare of the local people, including indigenous people, as well as the remaining wildlife.

We hope Mr. Bransom attends the March 12th Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors meeting so that he can accept the award for KRRC.


  1. The regressives striving to meet UN 2030 goals which include starving 80% of the population have a great achievement. How to make a few big bucks on the taxpayers’ backs while creating misery for all.

  2. Why isn’t Mark Bransom being charged criminally for acts against nature and mankind? Same should go for all the people that pushed this disaster and on’t forget the tribal leaders.

  3. This is absolutely sickening. Using the American Indian tribes to push they’re evil agenda.. lying to the American indians to pass the blame onto innocent people. Brainwashing them all. Pure evil. Destroying peoples way of life. Not to mention wildlife. Livestock, recreation, and forest fire prevention..

  4. Steven Wilson

    Lets Go Bransom

  5. Cynthia M. George

    Each of us are responsible for the poisoning of the water. Your city water treatment has been back flushing aluminum into the rivers for as long as you have had public drinking water or sewer treatment and we then go to your mills who again flush huge deadly toxins into the waters. Oh don’t forget the forest practices of DDT, 24D Roundup, Crossbow and on and on but you wouldn’t stop and test the source waters ever prior to treatment. Oregon quit protecting anything but the greed. Life long Oregon Grandmother. Test the waters for the permitted discharges in each town according to DEQ records. They profit off the poisoning then start testing the children with urine and fecal tests. It is too late for us elders but we need to start caring about the next 7 generations or be prepared to mourn many more.

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