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HISTORY: news reels from 1964 flood

The Christmas Flood of 1964: Recalling a Devastating Force in the Pacific Northwest
cover photo: looks like Happy Camp, notice the silt or really short stop sign.

In December of 1964, a series of brutal storms ravaged the Pacific Northwest, swelling rivers across Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, and Washington. Among the most hard-hit areas was the Klamath River basin in Northern California. The result was the catastrophic Christmas Flood of 1964, a disaster that left a lasting mark on the landscape and the lives of people in the region.

below is a few posts from the FaceBOOK archives, knowledge is power.

Historic Newsreel of 1964 Christmas Flood from December 28, 1964 SHARE your memories and photos with us FLOODS RAVAGE NORTHWEST: The worst floods to hit

Historic Video Archives From California Division of Highways The Great Christmas Day Flood of 1964 With footage from the Klamath River

Who remembers the Flood of 1964? Siskiyou County Museum presents two films on Friday, June 9, illustrating the damage from this horrific event that hit northern

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  1. Emanuel galea

    I’m curious as to why wasn’t all these videos were not shown to the public we have millions of youngsters who forget the past bound to repeat it ?

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