Community Event, Siskiyou

This week is the big Scott River Watershed Council SWIF conference

The Scott River Watershed Council invites you to the
2024 Scott Watershed Informational Forum – SWIF-2024!

February 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at

The Towers in Fort Jones, 11219 N. State Hwy. 3, Fort Jones

Beaver Haven…We have success!
Beaver Haven is an 11-acre property that encompasses 800 ft. of Sugar Creek, a key Coho spawning and rearing tributary in the Scott Watershed. The property is ecologically vibrant with a multi-threaded channel, dense riparian forest, existing beaver population, and extensive Coho utilization. Sugar Creek is a key Coho spawning and rearing tributary of the Scott River, which has the most abundant population of hatchery influence-free Coho in the Klamath Basin. Coho has been documented to spawn and rear on the property in 8 out of the past 10 years.  With an immense amount of support from our community and others, SRWC was able to make an application to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife to complete the acquisition of this property, which is set to happen in 2024. Acquiring the property will allow the planned and funded restoration that will take place on 5 acres of complex, multithreaded channels and floodplain for the ecological benefit in perpetuity. The Coho will benefit by increasing the summer and winter rearing habitat quality and by including instream wood, it will improve cover, pool frequency, and depths, as well as the occurrence and volume of slow water habitat which improves the primary food web. Our sincere gratitude goes to the generosity of the SRWC community and its constituents for supporting this cause and believing in Beaver Haven.  Please watch for more to come on this amazing project! 
An Amazing Catch!
On December 10, 2023, David Herasimtschuk from Freshwaters Illustrated visited French Creek and several of our restoration projects. While the photos don’t indicate an increase in returning salmon, they do capture amazing moments that happen locally and that few people ever see. For a deeper dive into David’s work, visit:© Freshwaters Illustrated / David Herasimtschuk. 

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