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Senator Dahle Introduces Legislation to Save Mt. Shasta Museum

Cover photo credit: Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum
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SACRAMENTO – Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) introduced Senate Bill 1009, which would allow the Department of Fish and Wildlife to lease a property to the Mt. Shasta Museum Association for the next 25 years, allowing the museum to continue operating and providing educational and cultural resources to the community.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife does not have the departmental authority to lease facilities below market rates or for periods longer than five years per protocols established by the Department of General Services.

This measure would allow the museum to operate as a public benefit at no or nominal cost.

“Preserving and safeguarding this historical treasure is crucial to ensure its continued contribution to the community’s educational and cultural growth. Additionally, it is essential to maintain the museum’s accessibility to visitors worldwide so that they can appreciate its value and significance. The museum welcomes nearly 14,000 visitors annually,” stated Dahle.

Background: In 1981, legislation was passed to lease property on Mount Shasta Fish Hatchery to the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce to operate as a historical museum. The community of Mt. Shasta restored the facility to operational status with a combination of State funds, local donations and volunteer labor.

Since July 1983, the Mt. Shasta Museum Association has operated the museum with a coalition of all-volunteer staff, funded solely by memberships, grants, and generous donations. The museum recently recorded its 500,000th visitor during its 36 years of operation.

Source: Senator Dahle office

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