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Sen. Dahle: Newsom’s Wasteful Spending Erodes Trust

SACRAMENTO – Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) released the following statement regarding the Governor’s proposed 2024-25 budget: 

“The governor’s promises are increasingly hollow. The wasteful spending allocated to Democratic special interests has led to an eroding of the public’s trust in his leadership and that of the party in control. I’ve been vocal against irresponsible spending and encouraged fiscal prudence while we had over $100 billion surplus. We don’t have a money problem in California, we have a stewardship problem,” stated Dahle.

California had a $100 billion surplus just a few years ago, but is now facing a deficit of nearly $70 billion, according to the estimates of the Legislative Analyst’s Office — a fiscal crisis entirely of the Democrats’ own making. State spending has increased 158 percent over the last ten years. Sacramento Democrats have had sole control of every phase of the budget process starting in 2011, and General Fund spending grew to a level more than 2.5 times higher, rising from $86 billion to $222 billion. At the same time, the state population only grew by 4 percent.

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