Yreka Citizens Win: 3-2 Vote vs 9.6% Rate Increase

written by Gliatto

On Dec. 5th the Yreka city council voted against the water and sewer rate increases of 9.6%. The vote was 3-2 to NOT increase the rates with Mayor Middleton and McCoy voting Yes to the increases!!!

Councilmen Davis and Kegg proposed a 6.5% increase for water and 6.3% for sewer. Their proposal passed by a 3-2 vote with Middleton abstaining and McCoy voting NO!! This was considered to be the first reading (vote) of the new proposal. The second reading (vote) will be at the Dec. 19th city council meeting.

You did it!!! I consider this a huge victory! Your 500 protest voices were heard.

A shout out to all the businesses that participated in getting the word out and for helping to distribute the “protest forms” to all their customers. Thank you to Walmart for allowing volunteers to set up a table at the entrance to distribute protest forms to their shoppers.

A shout out to all the citizens who printed protest forms at their own expense and for informing their neighbors, friends, family, landlords and coworkers.

500 concerned citizens said NO to the increased rates including 2 former Yreka City Mayors and councilmembers including a County Supervisor. You were heard. You should all be very proud of what the citizens and businesses accomplished together.

Consider sending thank you emails to Council members Kegg, Davis and Baker for their NO vote on the 9.6% increases and for proposing a lesser amount of 6.5% for water and 6.3% for sewer.

There will be a second reading (vote) on the new proposed rates onDec. 19th at the regular scheduled City Council meeting. It is not over until it is over. The council could conceivably change their minds so don’t stop now, keep up the emails. Plan to attend the Dec. 19th city council meeting at 6:30.

See attached YouTube of the Dec. 5th city council meeting and a contact list of the council members.

“The elected officials, chosen by the voters, will lead the government based on the concerns and opinions of the citizens of their community.”

You can’t get any closer representation than local city councils for representative government.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The government closest to the people serves the people best.”

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  1. The Native American

    If the city/town is in despair with funding, they need to find ways to increase tourism and attract people from all over the country/world and give them a reason to visit YREKA.

    Businesses that are visibly Republican, flag waivers, and who vocally support Trump should have no presence in the town. No one wants to move in, visit or spend money in the state of “Jefferson”.

    Most travelers, if they are desperate enough, only pull over for gas, snacks, and supplies. The Casino can’t do all the lifting on its own. We need to attract more tourism, NOT drive it away!

    Yreka is missing an opportunity to welcome everyone!

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