Community Event, Scott Valley

55th Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Parade

The 55th annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Parade was a true crowd-pleaser, with standing room only as hundreds of people and kids gathered to enjoy a festive rural American Christmas spectacle. Despite the frosty December Saturday, the atmosphere was warm and lively.

Attendees indulged in culinary delights, savoring Clamper burgers and the famous Fort Jones Line Club curly fries, adding to the festive spirit. It was a true delight to see families and friends come together to celebrate the holiday season.

After the parade, the festivities continued with a craft fair at the Scott Valley Jr. High School. This provided the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors alike to find unique, handcrafted gifts for their loved ones.

Overall, this charming event proved once again why the Christmas Parade has become a beloved tradition in our community. It brought joy, community spirit, and a memorable experience for all who attended, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

Part Two “little copyright issue with a song that was performed”

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