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BLUE GOOSE BLUES ~ Siskiyou Writers’ Club Selection for November

Our challenge for the meeting was to write in a genre, style or theme outside our comfort zone.  So, I chose to write a poem (actually not a poem, but a lyric I stole from Johnny Cash). 

It’s called Blue Goose Blues
By BobKaster

I hear the train a-comin’, it’s rolling ‘round the bend

I ain’t been to Montague since I don’t remember when

Now it’s just a memory, the real train ain’t around

Lot of bad things happened since they ran it to the ground

The Blue Goose was somethin’ special when it moved along the track

I still hear that whistle blowin’, but it’s never comin’ back

Old engine number 19 is now museum bound

Only in my memory will I hear that lonesome sound.

The summers were a blessing, the excursion train was run

Our kids were the conductors, and had a lot of fun

They liked watchin’ Larry Bacon on his big-wheel ride

It brought in lots of tourists who would not be denied

Larry kept it goin’ and when he was no more

That whistle just stopped blowin’ and the Blue Goose closed its door

But I still hear that train a comin’, rollin’ around the bend

And I ain’t been to Montague since I don’t remember when.


  1. Kathy Killion

    My dad “drove” the Blue Goose and loved every second. And was so sad to walk away from it. This really caught my attention.

  2. Kaye Caulkins

    My son was a conductor, oh so many years ago. This is a wonderful lyric of remembrance.

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