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The Fall ~ A Creative Collaboration

By Shasta Sovereign
November 2023

In this highly anticipated competition, we extended a warm invitation to all 17 esteemed high schools in the Northeast corner of California. The response was overwhelming, with a staggering total of 57 exceptional entries flooding in. Evidently, the creative spirit of our region is thriving, as these submissions were crafted by 50 talented and unique students hailing from 11 different high schools. 

This incredible level of participation is truly inspiring and showcases the abundant talent within our community. It is a testament to the passion and dedication of these young minds, who seize every opportunity to express their creativity and showcase their abilities. We are humbled and grateful to have witnessed such artistic enthusiasm, and we look forward to celebrating the outstanding achievements of these talented individuals. Their contributions undoubtedly elevate the competition, making this event a resounding success and a beacon for future endeavors.


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