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16th Annual “Read Across Siskiyou” event

2000 kids across the county will read the same book as a KICKOFF!

Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors hereby proclaimed November 8, 2023 as the 16th anniversary of “Read Across Siskiyou” and be it that “SCBOS” enthusiastically endorses daily reading, singing and playing with children as a critical foundation for healthy development and life long success.

First 5 Siskiyou, in partnership with Siskiyou County Library and the Family/ Community Resource Centers, dedicates one day each year to promote early literacy by providing the same titled book to be read by guest readers to children in various preschools, kindergartens, child care settings, libraries and online events throughout Siskiyou County on the same day and provide each child with a copy of that book to take home.

First 5 Siskiyou has been providing more books to the home library’s, in the home and as a direct result, more kids in Siskiyou are reading on a regular basis. Kids in Siskiyou are better prepared, with a base revenue from the county is around 200,000 dollars and a total budget of 1.6 million. Children in Siskiyou County from prenatal through 5 years of age have a successful start in life through daily reading with supportive and nurturing families, caregivers, educators and community leaders.

I will also be glad to read live across the county for those who wish to listen in.

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