Short Stories

Dear Alcohol

Author: Mary

Where do I begin? When you first came into my life, I was 15 years old and you made me feel so cool and accepted. All I truly ever wanted in life was to feel accepted. At first, we would just hangout on the weekends. Then I found myself sneaking you into gatorade bottles and bringing you with me wherever I went. When we were together, I felt invincible. I could do anything and talk to anyone. We have had some fun, crazy nights and I have a few good memories to cherish. You had me at hello.

I thought I found myself in you, but it truly was the beginning of a dark path. The next 12 years with you would be hell. If I knew then what I know now, I would have NEVER picked you up that night. I would have never made you such a priority, when all you were was a problem. You have costed me so much in those years. I have got in car accidents, 3 DUIs ( 2 at 18 years old), and woken up in jail because of you. You have made me despise the person that I became. I couldn’t even look in the mirror anymore. You have caused me great harm and health problems. Yet I still wanted you, no matter what. I have finally come to my senses that you no longer deserve a place in my life. I hate you, alcohol. You have ruined family members of mine, me, and many others out there. Alcohol, I wish you well in hell! You are to stay away from me. I mean it this time.


This little girl fighting for her life back

Share times when you said goodbye to some bad habits and vices. How did it go for you?


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