Community Event, Siskiyou, Yreka

Meet the Candidates, Be an Informed Voter

The intention is to have as many Republican candidates as our Siskiyou Patriots guest speakers before the holidays are upon us.  Remember, the primaries in CA are now on March 5th

Here is our lineup for the guest speakers at the Siskiyou Patriots meeting in the coming months: 

  • Nancy Ogren running for re-election in Dist. 4, Yreka   Sept. 28th   
  • Tenessa Audette running for Dist. 1 Assembly Oct. 12th    
  • Jess Harris and Colleen Alvarez both running for Dist. 1 Supervisor Oct. 28th 
  • I have a call into David Fennell for the Nov. 9th meeting.  He is running for the CA senate Dist. 1 against  Republican Megan Dahle.   

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