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Dunsmuir Chamber Mixer Draws Enthusiasm

On August 23rd, Wednesday evening at Bee Kind Bakery and Catering was the place to be as the Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce put on a mixer for Dunsmuir business people to meet up, learn about upcoming improvements in the community, and have fun. 

 Bee Kind Bakery and Catering’s open and spacious accommodations were perfect to comfortably host the large crowd that attended.

The food was a Mediterranean Buffett and the Wheelhouse provided the beer which was a Pilsner Vrquell along with other non-alcoholic beverages. 

Bruce Deutsch was the first to update everyone and give a talk about building Dunsmuir’s future. He talked about witnessing Etna’s event last April when 80% of the Etna community showed up to hear about the town’s history and plans for its future that was hosted by the Ford Family Institute and the Economic Development Council. He said that he wants to recreate the roadmap of what these two organizations offer and will be contacting both organizations. 

Bruce Deutsch sits between Jim Cline with Vyve building a town-wide wifi and Councilman Big Dave Kiesler. Jim Cline says of the mixer, “I’ve met a lot of good business people and council members. It is good to know the city. We just got all approved and now we are installing all the access points for wifi throughout downtown Dunsmuir.

Stacy Michaelsen was next to address the group explaining about the upcoming new Chamber website. It will not only host its members, but each member can update and add to their own profiles and listings for an accurate and thorough description of each individual business and/or event. 

which is Stacy Michaelsen with Chamber President Ernie Wasson in front of Bee Kind Bakery and Catering where the Mixer was held)

Next to speak was Stacey Mohr from Mount Shasta who is the new editor for the North State Parent Magazine .

She spoke about the Dunsmuir Chamber’s listing of fall events and that there is room for merchants’ logos. She has been working with the Dunsmuir Chamber and will also digitally promote Dunsmuir monthly as well. She says, “Give them value and they will keep it.” 

For more information on the North State Parent Magazine, go to [email protected] or call (707)474-2508. 

The mixer is to bring businesses together and up to date with what is going on in the community. 

Magic Mountain Massage and Wellness which was on Dunsmuir Blvd has moved to 4311 Cedar Street on the corner of Castle Ave. Message Therapist Caol Schrum says that patients can self-schedule by going to her website at magicmountainwellness.com or by calling (530) 500-1505.

Two new developers joined the Dunsmuir Chamber; infrastructure and engineering developer Joshua Spooner and economic and real estate developer Rachel Bagwell say that they want to move to Dunsmuir from Horse Creek because they want to help revitalize the town and see many opportunities in Dunsmuir. Their business is in water technology, development, and protection.

In the street in front of the bakery that hosted the mixer was a skateboard demonstration that was promoted by the Chamber. Garrett Ball, proprietor of Blaze 1 Dispensary in Dunsmuir, and Mark Kneass from Barno Productions are both avid skateboarders and promoters of the sport. Their demonstration on the street in front of Bee Kind Bakery and Catering prompted passersby to join in the fun. They erected a ramp that was used for tricks by not only themselves for demonstrations, but others on the street to try it out.

Andrew Moreno skillfully riding the skateboard in front of skateboard promotors Mark Kneass and Garrett Ball and Dunsmuir Chamber Director Cheryl Petty

Andrew Moreno with skateboard promotor and Dunsmuir Business owner Garrett Ball who gave Moreno a T-shirt along with other community members

Andrew Moreno, a truck driver from Reno who was driving through Dunsmuir stopped to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes and not only did skateboard tricks but assisted little children in trying their hand for the first time on a skateboard.

Sheriff Deputy RJ Evans also tested his skills in skateboarding to the delight of the onlookers.

Skateboarders 9-year-old Jason and his brother 7-year-old Tucker Stout, and 7-year-old Lucy Henson stand with their father Jason Stout Sr who says, “We would love a skateboard park here in Dunsmuir. We now drive up to Mount Shasta each day to use their skate park.”

The promotors Ball and Kneass say that they have spoken to the president of the Dunsmuir City Council and were encouraged because they need community support. Kneass says, “Redding built a skate park last spring from a city grant that gave 1.3 million towards the project. We need at least 1/8 of an acre or 8,000sq feet for a skate park here in Dunsmuir.  We are looking into grants and fundraisers. This will help put Dunsmuir on the map. 30 to 40% of locals regularly use the skatepark. The rest are people traveling through.” 

Garrett Ball adds, “This is the same with Blaze 1 Dispensery here in Dunsmuir. A large amount of our business is  from people traveling through Dunsmuir.” 

For support or more information about a skatepark call Blaze 1 at (530) 678-4201 or Barno Projections at (530) 770-1516

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