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Sonar Survey on Copco’s Natural Lava Dikes “Wards Canyon Reef Survey Area”

Video about the Sonar Survey Paid for by Siskiyou Water Users Association

Siskiyou News Acquired the Sonar Map from Statewide Land Surveying, when asked them to comment and analyze the data, I was told by the survey company that they collect the data set and technicians do the reading of the data. I think of it like when we get an Xray. The Technician takes the X-ray, then another specialist reads the X-ray.

I have emailed public domain maps to a map technician, fingers crossed for help, and hope to get them converted from data to a visual map. Being all data sets that only map makers have available. Always looking for help, the hours are long and the pay is like your lunch. If you do not bring it you do not eat…

Below: Journal of Electricity, Febuary 22, 1913. In this journal it talks about how the dam is used for flood control and releasing water down the Klamath during the summer. Very Interesting to read and will history repeat itself?

Below: Very interesting report on Indian Affairs dated 1855

Below is a paragraph from a letter written by Mr. Parker Thaler to the State Water Resources Control Board on January 27th, 2017. *to be continued, As this letter will fill in the blanks on a PDF and presentation at

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