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Dunsmuir Pool gets a New Mural

The Dunsmuir Community pool is getting a beautiful facelift this year. In about a week, artist Daniel DeLeon will be completing the mural on the pool building’s prominent wall that faces the street. The colorful mural is a landscape of mountains and a meadow with a large blue jay and locally found butterflies.  He plans on having a total of seven butterflies when completed.  Some of the butterflies will be on the building so people can take pictures in front of them and it will look like they have wings.

Since May 16th, DeLeon has been working on the mural by himself prepping. priming, filling the holes, cocking it, and he is doing it all by hand. The 44-year-old artist says that he wanted to paint a new mural for the Dunsmuir pool 20 years ago. He is volunteering his time to do this honor for his community. The    Recreation and Parks Department Administrator Mike Rodriguez says that he appreciates Deleon volunteering to do this for the community and  Dunsmuir Rotary for donating the supplies for this project. 

Born and raised in Dunsmuir, Deleon tells of his mom who also used the pool as a child. The Dunsmuir pool is 95 years old now, and it is the largest naturally heated pool in northern California. 

The self-taught artist says, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share with the community that I love. This is a rich and rewarding experience to do this and promote local butterflies on this wall.” 

DeLeon’s local claim to his artistic abilities was in 1992 and 1993 when he was 12 and 13 years old, he won the Railroad Days T-shirt contest. 

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