Possible Issues with the Klamath Dam Removal Project…

Is the Siskiyou County Supervisors protecting the citizens from potential abuse?

Capt. William E. Simpson of the Wild Horse Fire Brigade discusses possible issues with the Klamath Dam Removal project…

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  1. The Native American

    I wonder what Mr. Wild Horse expert had to say.

    Pulled from a different source:

    “Sapp isn’t the only one skeptical of removing the dams. The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors has long opposed removing the dams.

    Ray Haupt, chairman of the board, said removing the dams could seriously harm the environment when 26 million cubic yards of sediment washes downstream.

    The county will also lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax dollars when the dams are taken out, he said. The potential for more flooding also could reduce property values around the river, he said.

    Michael Kobseff, another member of the board, said the county and other agencies have worked to restore salmon runs in the Klamath River basin for decades but there has been little improvement.

    He said there is no science that supports the claim salmon runs will improve after the dams come down. And if the dams are removed and the salmon runs don’t improve, the county will suffer, he said.”

    With all due respect, THE TRIBES DID NOT ASK FOR DAMS TO BE BUILT! And for what!? Hydro power that only provides less than 3% of power to the grid!? THAT’S VERY INEFFICIENT! And that’s why the companies have agreed to remove them because they know they messed up!

    To Mr. Michael Kobseff, how can you be so sure if you’re not an expert on the subject yourself? You’re a board member and not a scientist or marine biologist. And to Ray Haupt, you’re either worried about the environmental impacts or property values: PICK ONE!

    I am glad the dams will be gone!

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