Deadly Camp Fire 5th Year Remembrance 

November 8 – November 25, 2018

By Tyler Strasser

85 civilian fatalities

Injured 12 civilians and five firefighters

153,336 acres, and destroyed more than 18,000 structures

Most of the destruction occurring within the first four hours

In November of 2018 there was a deadly wildfire located in a northern California town ignited by a faulty electric transmission line. The fire originated above several communities. Paradise and concow California were almost completely destroyed in the 2018 camp, each losing 95% of their structures. The fire caused at least 85 civilians and five firefighters. The fire covered 153,336 acres, and destroyed more than 18,000 structures, all that fire activity happened in the first 4 hours of the fire. Firefighters’ resources were stretched as the fire began on the same day as the Woolsey fire and the hill fire in Southern California. Camp fire requests alone equaled the entire 6,000 Cal fire full time fire professionals. At the height of deployment, there were 5,596 firefighters battling the blaze.

We need to all be prepared if something like this happens here in Siskiyou County because if something like that happened in our little place, we call home it would be a tragedy. When everyone could have had an emergency plan. Get involved with the local fire department volunteers are always needed im sure because I watched the documentary about the campfire and a lot of those people died because there wasn’t a planned escape for if that had ever happened people were having to abandon there vehicles because the fire was moving rapidly.

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